PreRunner Front Bumper - XJ Cherokee

PreRunner Front Bumper - XJ Cherokee
PreRunner Front Bumper - XJ Cherokee Close


Code: XJ-F-PRE

List Price (MSRP): $526.90
JCR Direct Price: $479.00
Shipping Weight: 55.00

Quantity in Basket: None
Add 2" Receiver:
Add Unibody Tie-in Brackets & Steering Spacer
Add a Pair of 3/4" D-rings:

63.5 x 14 x 6 (Base bumper)
63.5 x 14 x 16 (Vertical, lean forward, pre-runner hoops)

39 lbs (Base bumper)
46 lbs (With forward or vertical hoops)
50 lbs (With pre-runner hoop)

Crusader XJ Front Bumper (XJFCPre)

Get out of the dark ages of high prices with the new JcrOffroad Crusader Cherokee PrerunnerBumper!  The Crusader Series bumpers are re-designed and upgraded versions of our very popular Heritage line that has been used and abused by XJ owners for nearly 10 years! The new bumper is constructed from 3/16" plate that is CNC cut and CNC formed in house, here in the US of A! These bumpers are factory replacements and have an easy bolt on application.  Our bumper comes standard with two ¾” thick D-ring tabs, Prerunner style tube work and 2 auxiliary light mounting provisions on top.  Each bumper is designed for maximum approach angle and overall clearance to help you conquer any trail you may happen upon.  These bumpers are created by professional fabricators therefore the welds, overall fit, and attention to detail are second to none.  Because of this, we stand behind our product with a lifetime guarantee; you break it, we will replace it! Our goal is to provide first class service for a first class product and that is what you receive when you shop with JcrOffroad.

Additional options include; ¾” Shackles, Receiver, Front Uniframe Reinforcement Kit, HD Steering Spacer and built in Fog Lights.

The standard bumper weighs in at approximately 52lbs. Weight is increased with addition of options. A fully loaded bumper weighs around 62lbs.

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all products come bare metal and ready for the finish of your choice. We cannot offer any finishes on any of our products that ship bare metal, sorry. Sorry we don't offer any finishes beyond bare metal on these products.

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