Classic Rock Sliders - ZJ Cherokee

Classic Rock Sliders - ZJ Cherokee
Classic Rock Sliders - ZJ Cherokee Close

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List Price (MSRP): $431.79
JCR Direct Price: $399.00
Shipping Weight: 100.00

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These sliders are designed for hardcore off-road abuse. The main tube is made with 3"x2" boxed tubing with a .188" wall. Side tubes are 1.75" x .125 wall (where applicable.) They bolt to the pinch seam with 5 bolts and the main legs off the sliders mount with 8 bolts to the uni-body. Giving you a total of 13 bolts PER SIDE!

Some drilling required, but easily installed. These sliders are created by professional fabricators; therefore the welds, fitment, and attention to detail are second to none.

Some of the larger ZJ rocker cladding is not compatable with these sliders, you may need to remove or modify this cladding for these to fit.

We stand behind our work; we warranty all welds or any structural failure. First class service for a first class product.

What makes these sliders stand out from your other choices?

  • 2" x 3" main tubing when many other companies use 2" x 2". Not only do we think it looks nicer than 2" x 2", it protects more of your rocker.
  • We only offer .188" wall main tubing. The weight differences are so minimal we don't even offer an .125" wall option.
  • Build quality... you're just going to have to take our word on this one; components are straight and the welds are strong as possible. We don't send anything out we would not put on our rigs.

Difference in Stages:
Stage 1: Just the Main boxed tube, no additional side tubing.
Stage 2: Additional 1 ¾” side tubing that comes straight outwards.
Stage 3: Additional 1 ¾” side tubing that angle upwards for style and additional clearance.

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all products come bare metal and ready for the finish of your choice. We cannot offer any finishes on any of our products that ship bare metal, sorry. Sorry we don't offer any finishes beyond bare metal on these products.

(5.00) 1 rater

  • I have the Stage 2 ZJ Sliders, I love them. Just what I was looking for with the mounting to the pinch seams.

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