We get this question frequently. JcrOffroad offers many products in both bare metal and powdercoating for a few reasons.

Quality – We are not able to powdercoat on our own in house. Because of that we have rely on the quality of outside vendors for our coatings. We build a very tough product, but the last thing we want is for another vendors coating to be passed as judgment on our product line. If the end user has issues with the finish, it comes back to us. We do our best to pick quality powdercoat and companies to apply it.

Cost – Most of the product we sell gets used on the trail. We try to keep our prices as low as we can for a hand fabricated product, so a $100-150 finish is usually not a good option considering it will get scratched up the first time out on the trail.

Shipping – Our items are large, awkward and create a logistical mess for UPS as it is. In the past, we've had nearly every finished product damaged in one way or another in transit. We have been overcoming this issue with custom boxes and foam in place technology, but things can still get scratched. If you need 100% assurity that your item will arrive blemish free, a local powdercoater may be a better option for you.

Finish it your way – When sourcing a local finish company, it allows you the ability to have it finished your way. If you want your product powder coated, automotive finished, or even if you just want to rattle can it, it gives you the most options to choose from.