XJ With 900cc Kawasaki Ninja Snow Blower!

Have a snow blower and a motorcycle engine laying around and they aren’t mated together?! Well Mad Max on Youtube must have had that same dilemma. A Jeep Cherokee snowplow? Old news.

We present to you, the best way to clear snow with your XJ.

And if you need a receiver hitch in your front bumper to facilitate this modification, we just happen to have you covered. Two of our Cherokee front bumpers come standard with a 2″ receiver hitch. You know… for attaching… stuff.

 Shop now at: http://www.jcroffroad.com/category/XJ.html

Or just enjoy the video.


2014 JK Freak Fest Wheeling – JcrOffroad

We had a blast wheeling #projectcrusader at the 2014 JK Freak Fest last weekend! Thanks to everyone from JKfreaks.com and 4 Wheel to Heal for showing us around the Rausch Creek.

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“Hick Hop” mashup by Tesher (https://soundcloud.com/stevejamesoffi…)

Poison Spider Mesa Wheeling – Moab, UT – JcrOffroad

We wheel the Poison Spider Mesa trail with: Moab Outfitters, Notch Customs, Prime 4×4, and the Fallen Heroes Jeep.

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“Faded” by ZHU – Steve James Remix (https://soundcloud.com/stevejamesofficial/zhu-faded-steve-james-remix)