Escalator to Hell | Virtual EJS 2020

Oh, Escalator. For an obstacle that looks so simple from the bottom, it can really get you in a mess of trouble if you slip off the line at any point. Brian’s careful driving and Russ’s spotting turned what could have been a real mess into success on this. Corey’s face is just a bonus, but kudos for that GoPro work while riding shotgun 😂

Watch how quickly either front tire comes up with barely any throttle on a slow crawl. If you want to search for more, search “Willys Escalator Moab” on your favorite video platform. They just go right up the middle without issue. Jeeps are awesome 🤘

Vehicle: #ProjectAscender
Obstacle: Escalator to Hell
Trail: Hell’s Revenge
Spotter: Russ Bartholomew
📷 JcrOffroad
#BuiltForWhatever #VirtualEJS2020

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