XJ Mauler Winch Bumper

This is it, the last ledge on the nastiest trail you and your XJ have ever been on. The Wrangler guys were ribbing you for your mall rated Jeep in the parking lot this morning, but half way through the trail it was all cheers and high fives as your 37″ tires and 101″ wheelbase were walking the obstacles they were having troubles with. This exit ledge is something different though… nearly three feet tall and undercut. Coming at it straight will put it right into the d-rings of any bumper, Wrangler or Cherokee; so you’ve got hit it at an angle. You creep up at 30 degrees or so to the face, waiting for first contact of sticky tires and rock so you can put the hammer down for victory, for Cherokees! Suddenly, THUD! The sound of your solid steel bumper hits the rock. Nope, your full-width XJ winch bumper doesn’t have the clearance. The Wrangler guys chuckle as they start stacking rocks for you… So many jokes about the mall.

JcrOffroad’s Mauler Front Winch bumper is designed for those looking maximum clearance and an uninhibited approach angle for the Jeep Cherokee XJ. Get up over those rocks and ledges that would otherwise hit a full-width bumper.

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