TJ/LJ Aluminum Drop Down Tailgate | Jeep TJ (97-06)

Average Rating (5.00)

Christian from Hawaii Jan 28, 2018  
Great looking piece. Easy to instal. Only issue, I wish they offered a hinge delete plate for those of us running corner armor. I now have to big squares in my rear!

Anonymous Mar 18, 2017  
These support brackets are a definite must have to increase the strength of the rear cross-member on CJ-7s, which is seriously lacking in these type Jeeps if you plan to add an aftermarket bumper or tire-swing.

Rudy from Georgia Sep 8, 2015  
These brackets have caused me to reinvent some new curse words and expended my current inventory. While they are a great way to reinforce any bumper &40;and in my case the Vanguard full width rear&41;, the mounting holes in the rear cross member are an exercise in patience because they are so hard to get to. Besides that everything went smoothly. So be aware that you will spend longer installing the these brackets than both the front and rear bumpers combined. Payoff is definitely worth it.

Bradley from Arizona Jul 5, 2015  
A must have for strength and any kind of towing. Simple and solid. Well braced. If you're getting their bumper, why not? It could also be used to brace a stock, or any other bumper. JCR bumper not necessary to use this crucial piece.

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