Jeep XJ Rear Bumper | Crusader | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

Average Rating (4.88)

Anonymous Jul 21, 2018  
A great product. The bumper is very well built, and fits the vehicle perfectly. I speak from experience when I say that this bumper looks great whether it is on the truck or buried three feet deep into the front of a Chrysler 300. What do you get when you combine two cars and a 55 mph collision? One totaled Chrysler, a bad off Cherokee, and a JCR Crusader bumper located under the floor. No worries though, that CNC cut, 3/16th thick steel was just fine, not even dented. The same could not be said for Jeeps unibody design. Nonetheless, a great product which is great for bouncing off rocks on the trails or stopping cars on the interstate.

Anonymous Apr 4, 2018  
This bumper is heavy duty and well built. The receiver and d-rings are welded in very nicely. I feel very confident about towing with this bumper. I highly recommend getting the nut strips and new hardware to make installation much much easier. My rig had a stock nutstrip only on the passenger side and I broke two of those bolts while removing the stock bumper. The crusader definitely dresses up the rear of my XJ nicely. My only gripe is that no matter how adjusting and fine tuning I did the bumper ALWAYS stuck out farther past the body on the passenger than it did the driver's side. I've read on forums that this same thing has happened to others. I'm hoping the lower quarter panel armor I bought addresses this issue.

Cody from Idaho Feb 17, 2017  
I highly recommend this product, JCR does great work. Everything aligned perfectly, and the welds are top-notch. Ive been pulled out by the D-ring mounts and the bumper help up great. I got it shipped in bare metal and painted it myself, it turned out great. High quality craftsmanship! Will do business again

Anonymous Oct 16, 2016  
I rarely review products but I have to say after installing this bumper, the gas tank skid plate, and now the lower quarter armor these products are worth posting recognition. These are by far the most well made products I've seen in a long time. Being 100% made in America was a big deciding point for me and the customer service is top notch. Thank goodness there are still companies like this making parts for my XJ. Everything arrived on time and with no issues. I foresee buying everything they offer for my rig now that I've seen what kind of craftsmanship they provide. Keep up the good work!

Joseph from North Carolina Jan 25, 2016  
I bought this bumper a year ago during the Black Friday sale. It is heavy duty and well built. I feel bad for anyone who may happen to rear end my Jeep with this bumper. The receiver hitch on my XJ was all rotted out so I loved that the bumper came with the built in receiver. I also wired the cube lights to be my reverse llights and now I can actually see when backing up at night. The bumper has everything I could want out of an off-road bumper and then some.

Anonymous Jan 23, 2016  
This bumper is pretty awesome. I was slightly disappointed when I got it because it didn't come with nut strips and my were shot so I had to wait until I ordered some. Otherwise this product is flawless. I primed it and painted it with bedliner and it looks great and is easy to touch up. In the first month I had it on my jeep I got rear ended twice and there was no damage, just had to touch up some paint. If I didn't have the bumper my jeep wouldve been totalled! Gonna get a from one to match soon

Justin from Connecticut Jan 21, 2016  
Mine came in the mail as soon as they said it would. Painted it up and put it on. I was surprised how well the fit was and how the body lines actually matched. Most stout bumper I've seen yet. I have it with the nut strips and the unibody tie in bracket. I don't think you could break it if you tried. Very pleased 10 out of 10.

Anonymous Mar 4, 2014  
I jumped on this bumper when it was first released and couldn't be happier. I ordered the built in receiver and rear light cutouts. Everything bolted up easily, fit perfectly and has held up just fine. A quality rear bumper. -SOCALXJ

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