Gas Tank Skid Plate | Jeep Cherokee XJ (84-01)

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Jason from California Mar 27, 2016  
Received my skid plate. Strong looking sucker. Ordered in bare steel, and painted it to match my jeep. Got the nut strips too. Will be installed tomorrow, 3-27-2016, because that's what Jesus would do.On my 97 XJ on the passenger side of the gas tank, there is a flimsy heat shield, and one of the bolts broke off. Had to cut it off, then I could remove the rusty old factory nut strip. I mocked up the new nut strips while I was waiting for paint to dry. Looks good. JCR sends nice hardware, but I decided to put Grade 8 bolts in just because. The JCR stuff is Grade 5, which would probably be plenty strong. Nothing wrong with it, I just love Over Kill, you know, that thrash band from back east. Thanks for another great product. I have the rock sliders too, but that's a project I haven't gotten around to yet. Soon. Very soon.

MARSHALL from Maryland Jan 22, 2016  
As always great product easy install and the extra bolts across the back makes it real secure.

David from California Jan 22, 2016  
Easy bolt on and fit great. Already been rock tested on the Rubicon,

Anonymous Jan 2, 2016  
Easy install. Very beafy. Cheaper to put the jcr gas skid on, than to replace a whole fuel tank.

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