XJ Winch Bumper – The Vanguard

JcrOffroad is proud to announce a new Cherokee Winch bumper – The Vanguard!

With the redesign of our XJ winch bumper, we’ve added the features our customers have asked us the most for.

Features like:

  • Higher clearance bumper ends and shackle tabs create to a lower front and side profile, as well as better approach angles.
  • The bumper come standard with mounts compatible with most 3×3 LED cube lights.
  • A higher center hoop on the prerunner creates a more modern look, while adding grill and radiator protection.
  • And adjustable fairlead allows you to keep your cable centered on the drum no matter what winch your running;  a centered Zeon, an offset Power Plant, or any other standard winch.
  • New integrated Hi-Lift jacking points allow you to get out of a sticky situation without screwing up your powder coat.

Plus the JCR XJ Winch Bumper includes the parts our competitors up charge for:

  • Uniframe tie-ins with bulkhead reinforcement.
  • A steel steering box spacer to replace the factory aluminum one.
  • Hardware kit including grade 8 steering box bolts.

Plus shipping is free to the lower 48!

More info at: http://www.jcroffroad.com/product/XJ/XJFV-T.html