Pizza Tony – Dem Wheels Dough | JCR’s Dumb Shirt of the Month

Roses are red,
Pizza sauce is too,
I ordered a large,
None of it’s for you.

JCR product designer Anthony likes pizza. Ok… He LOVES pizza. Heck, the aluminum half doors on his Dozer JK are even wrapped in pepperoni pie. You can show your mutual love of Jeeps and Pizza with this Gildan Heavy Cotton, 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt with Pizza Tony’s Rad JK on the front. Plus, the “Dem Wheels Dough” slogan shows the kids your hip with the memes*.

Order now at:

Kids sizes also available. Free USPS shipping to the lower 48.

This is a pre-order with limited quantities. All shirts will be printed and shipped around the week of the 13th of February.

*They say that right? #dab

The Jeep Cherokee Mauler Stubby | Should we make it?

Often at JCR we do tons of market research before we design a new product, but sometimes we throw caution to the wind. On this XJ Mauler Winch bumper, Anthony just dove right in.

This prototype bumper is high clearance, super light, and it holds industry standard winches; PLUS it helps stiffen the front of your Cherokee immensely with the included uniframe tie-ins.

There are downsides to a stubby bumper on an XJ for sure, total grill protection being a big one. But that said, is it something you would like to see on your Jeep?

Let us know in the comments below.

The JCR Dagger Stubby front TJ bumper offers maximum clearance AND has room for LED cube lights!

Our Dagger stubby front bumper for the Wrangler TJ, YJ, and CJ integrates 2×2 cube LED lights while still offering maximum clearance. It’s strong and lightweight and comes with a pre-runner hoop, a stinger, or even no hoop at all. Plus, the removable fairlead mount means it looks great on your Jeep even without a winch.

The Dagger is available now in bare powder coat at:

XJ Center Console Support Bracket – Now Available

Remember when interior parts used to be made of metal?  We do… well kinda.  At least, our grandpas talk about it.  “Oh Billy, the Thundercougarfalconbird used to get 2 miles to the gallon, but we didn’t care! Gas was a nickel drum back then! Why, your grandma and I used to just cruise all day, then go up to the lookout and…”

“Grandpa please stop.”

Anyway, the XJ drivetrain will live forever, but the interior won’t and that’s why your center console mounting bracket is broken. It’s fine, you can stop hiding it.

You can stop pretending it’s not a big deal when your liter of cola spills everywhere,  your loose change endlessly rattles, when your dog falls on his face every time he uses the armrest as a launching pad…

You can stop pretending because we made this thing. The Jeep Cherokee Center Console Support Bracket. It’ll solve your big gulp, car wash token, and puppy problems; plus it will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.  That part was unexpected, even to us.

Order it now and have one less problem in your life.

You’re welcome.


Square Headlight Time – YJ Sliders, Corners, and Fenders

Our Crusader sliders and steel fenders have become very popular for the JK, JKU, TJ, and LJ; but we know you leaf spring guys are out there too.

As we speak, Anthony is prototyping fenders, corners, and sliders for the YJ. So I snapped a spy photo when he wasn’t looking.

Square headlight Wrangler owners… something for you is coming. #JeepYJ #JcrAllTheThings

Posted by JcrOffroad on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


These should be available soon but for now, what do you think? Comments, questions, concerns? Respond to this post or join the discussion on Facebook above.

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Daryl Hutson
VP – JcrOffroad