CJ, YJ, and TJ Jeeps; Welcome to 2014

… JK, JK, JK!

Everywhere you turn, new products for new Wranglers. But what about those of us still driving (clutching to) our older Wranglers? Where’s the love?!

It’s right here…

JcrOffroad is proud to announce our new front bumper line for CJ, YJ, TJ, and LJ’s. Just in time for fall wheeling!

Meet the lineup:

The Crusader – Mid-width bumper, LED light mounts, Hi-Lift jacking points, integrated winch fairlead mount.

The Dagger – Stubby width bumper, slim design, tall pre-runner hoop, included bolt-on fairlead mount for sleek appearance with or without a winch.

The Mauler – Stubby bumper, Hi-Lift jacking points, tall pre-runner hoop, integrated winch fairlead mount.

The Mauler Deluxe (TJ/LJ only) – Stubby width bumper, Hi-Lift jacking points, tall pre-runner hoop w/radiator hoop, integrated winch fairlead mount.

The Vanguard – Full-width bumper, LED light mounts, Hi-Lift jacking points, integrated winch fairlead mount.

With these new wrangler bumpers we were hoping to bring some modern design to older Jeeps.

So how did we do? Reply to this post, message us on Facebook, or call us (269-353-1184) to let us know.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Tire Carrier – The Vanguard

JCR is proud to present our new Cherokee rear bumper and tire carrier setup.

Adventure Rear Bumper Tire Carrier Upper – XJ Cherokee

For the first time ever on the XJ we are offering this bumper in two separate pieces. This means you can order the lower bumper portion first, then add the swing out at a later date.  Or order it all at once, the choice is yours.

The Vanguard rear xj bumper features CNC cut and formed 3/16″ construction and comes standard with a receiver hitch, D-ring shackle tabs, Hi-Lift jack holes, and mounts for 3×3 cube LED’s (JCR 3×3 cubes, Rigid E-Series, ENGO, etc…)  It also comes with a precision made, reinforced spindle sleeve to accept the Bomb-Proof spindle from the Adventure carrier.

The Cherokee Adventure Carrier features an automotive style self locking latch, our Bomb-Proof spindle, and its adjustable tire mount will hold up to a 37″ tire on almost any backspacing wheel.  This tire carrier will also carry up to (2) 2 gallon Rotopax cans, a Hi-Lift, CB antenna, and it even includes an illuminated license plate mount!

More details on the bumper here:

And the tire carrier:

Jeep JK Wrangler Tire Carriers

At JcrOffroad we offer two styles of tire carrier bumpers for your Jeep Wrangler JK. Both our Crusader and our Vanguard rear bumper have an integrated sleeve to allow you to add a tire carrier at the time of purchase, or even later down the  road.

If you’d like your carrier to swing with the gate (no separate latch) we offer the Shield Carrier:

JcrOffroad JK Shield Tire Carrier

This carrier features adjustable tire height and backspacing, has the option to carry a HiLift Jack and a CB antenna, and will support up to a 37″ tire.

If you want to carry gas, water, or first aid on the trail; we offer the JK Adventure Carrier:

JcrOffroad JK Adventure Tire Carrier

This swinging carrier can carry up a 40″ tire, two RotoPax jerry cans of your choice (gas, diesel, kerosene, water, first aid, or storage), a highlift, and a cb antenna.  Both carriers feature our Bomb-Proof spindle.

Either carrier makes a great addition to your JCR rear wrangler bumper, and will get the weight of those big wheels and tires off your tailgate.

Check out the Shield Tire Carrier, the Adventure Tire Carrier, and our full line of Jeep JK bumpers at:

XJ Winch Bumper – The Vanguard

JcrOffroad is proud to announce a new Cherokee Winch bumper – The Vanguard!

With the redesign of our XJ winch bumper, we’ve added the features our customers have asked us the most for.

Features like:

  • Higher clearance bumper ends and shackle tabs create to a lower front and side profile, as well as better approach angles.
  • The bumper come standard with mounts compatible with most 3×3 LED cube lights.
  • A higher center hoop on the prerunner creates a more modern look, while adding grill and radiator protection.
  • And adjustable fairlead allows you to keep your cable centered on the drum no matter what winch your running;  a centered Zeon, an offset Power Plant, or any other standard winch.
  • New integrated Hi-Lift jacking points allow you to get out of a sticky situation without screwing up your powder coat.

Plus the JCR XJ Winch Bumper includes the parts our competitors up charge for:

  • Uniframe tie-ins with bulkhead reinforcement.
  • A steel steering box spacer to replace the factory aluminum one.
  • Hardware kit including grade 8 steering box bolts.

Plus shipping is free to the lower 48!

More info at: http://www.jcroffroad.com/product/XJ/XJFV-T.html

JK Rear Tire Carrier Bumpers – Adventure and Shield

JcrOffroad’s redesign of the Wrangler JK Rear Bumpers allows customers to choose from the gate swinging Shield Tire Carrier to carry a tire, hilift jack, and CB antenna; or the free swinging Adventure Tire Carrier. The Adventure model carries all of the above plus Rotopax cans, a storage rack, and even more upcoming accessories.

The design of the new rear bumper models allows the lower portion to be purchased first and either of the tire carriers to be added at a later date for future expandability.

The Crusader,  Mauler (coming soon), and Vanguard JK rear bumpers are styled to match JcrOffroad’s  JK front bumpers for a great looking Jeep no matter what your taste.

Like all of JCR’s products, these bumpers are made right in the USA at our facility in Portage, MI. We offer a lifetime warranty and free shipping on all orders over $100.00

For more info, installation videos can be found here:



New JK Wrangler Bumpers from JcrOffroad

We’ve redesigned our JK bumper line to not only be less confusing, but to add more standard features and still compliment the lines of your Jeep. While we will continue to build the ever popular Dagger Stubby, we’ve removed the Dagger Mid-with, and replaced the Half-Sunk, Full-Sunk, and Full-Width with brand new options.

Meet the new lineup!

The new Mauler, Crusader, and Vanguard all include Hi-Lift jack slots, modern styling, and the same JCR quality and warranty you’ve come to expect.  We even have introductory pricing going on right now, so be sure to check them out.