Jeep Cherokee Audio – RealHawk’s Kicker System Setup

How to put windshield firing tweeters in an XJ for a killer sounding system.

Speakers front doors and dash – Kicker KSS650 6.5-inch Component Speaker System
Speakers rear headliner – Kicker KSC650 6.5″ Coaxial Speakers
Amplifier front speakers – Kicker KEY200.4 Smart 4-Ch. Amplifier (auto-EQ/processor)
Amplifier subwoofer – Kicker KEY500.1 Smart Mono Amplifier (bass revealer/processor)
Subwoofer – Kicker 8″ 2 Ω TB Enclosure
Amp Wiring – Kicker 4AWG 2-Channel Power Kit
Signal Wiring – Kicker 4 Meter 4-Channel Signal Cable
Y Adapter – Kicker KIYFM Y-Adapter kit

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And We’re Back!

We’re back! Daryl goes over what that means, talks about our backlog, new products, and where we go from here. While behind the scenes, Brian and the whole team in machining, fabrication, powdercoat, and shipping scramble to restart the gears of American made manufacturing ❤️

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