Axle Hill | EJS 2020 – Facebook Post April 08, 2020 at 12:08PM

Red Rock 4-Wheelers write about Axle Hill: “This hill starts in the wash bottom and climbs out in two stages. The first part is very slippery and is the site of many rollovers. The second part is very steep, as well as ledgy and off-camber.”

This video highlights some different wheelbase, tires sizes, and driving styles (LOL!) on this obstacle.

What trail are we hitting tomorrow? Let us know your pick in the comments!

Vehicle: #ProjectCrusader, #SulleyTheLJ, Jay’s JK, #JCRManche
Obstacle: Axle Hill
Trail: Pritchett Canyon
Spotters: Russ Bartholomew, Daryl Hutson, various onlookers
📷 Paul Michael Media, Cameron Gregory


It’s weird that EJS 2020 is virtual, but the good news is we’ve got lots of footage from the trails over the years to share with you.
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