Confirmation on a Modern Jeep Pickup… Can it be True?

Jeep has unofficially hinted at building a pickup truck for years. Each year Mopar Underground Skunk Works teases us with some JK creation with a truck bed, a wink, and a nod; but we never really have any true hope that we will see a Jeep truck in showrooms. That means the last official Jeep Truck was the Comanche in 1992, 24 years ago.

Jeep® Crew Chief 715 Concept

Those with deep pockets (or some fab skills) have had options. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) built the first turnkey TJ Brute pickup conversion around 2003 with kit options for the DIY Jeeper. They followed that up with the turnkey only JK Brute Double Cab, which has been widely acclaimed, if not considered slightly spendy due to their relatively low volume. But if you want a Jeep with a Hemi, a truck bed, and tons of offroad capability; this is the one.

Image courtesy of American Expedition Vehicles

So what are those of us to do that want to walk into a Jeep dealer today and buy a brand new Jeep truck for less than say 60k? Nothing… well not today anyway; but maybe real soon.

In an interview with The Detroit News, Jeep’s global chief Mike Manley confirms a Jeep pickup for 2017 and quotes:

“Sergio (Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler CEO) and I work very, very closely on the Jeep product portfolio, and both of us have been a fan of a potential Wrangler pickup …

“For me, there is a historical place in our lineup for it.”

You can read the full article here, but there are very few more details on design or drivetrain. What would you like to see?

Rest assured as soon as we get our hands on one, JCR will offer Jeep Wrangler bumpers… for trucks.


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