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About Us

Armor for Jeeps, Handmade in the USA.

On the surface that statement seems simple, but you wouldn’t believe how complex it really is. At JcrOffroad we build products for your Jeep at our facility in Portage, Michigan. We build products on American made equipment. We use American steel and hardware. We employ American craftsmen. The kind of craftsmen that take pride in hitting 40 degrees not 41, that sand a final surface prep so perfect that you’ll feel bad painting it, that post a photo of a weld on Instagram with the caption, “Look what I did today.” It’s this collective pride that sets us apart.

JCR isn’t a side business or a pet project. Nor are we just one person, or even two, we are the sum of all the employees, a team, that takes pride in our jobs everyday. We aren’t looking to get famous, or be rock stars (but we are looking to drive over big rocks.) We are passionate about keeping our manufacturing in the United States; and we are proud to offer the best looking, highest quality products you’ll find anywhere for your Jeep.

We’ve been doing this since 2003, and with your support we’ll keep doing it for years to come!