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Current Product Lead Times

Please note, these times are just an estimate based on our current order volume. Lead times can change without notice. All times are estimates on products leaving our facility. Standard ground shipping times apply.

Front Bumpers: 40-60 Business days
Rear Bumpers: 40-60 Business days
Tire Carriers: 10-25 Business days
Sliders: 20-30 Business days
Standard Bed Racks: 15-20 Business days
Overland Bed Racks: 15-20 Business days
Roof Racks: 5-15 Business days
Roof Rack Accessories: 5-15 Business days
Ladders: 10-15 Business days
Bolt on tubes: 10-20 Business days
Winch Mounts: 10-20 Business days
Skids: 15-30 Business days
Half Doors & Tube doors: 10-20 Business days
Molle Panels: 5-15 Business days
Engine Covers: 15-25 Business days
Steering Kits: 5-15 Business days
DIY Kits: 5-20 Business days
Baskets and Shelves: 15-25 Business days
Off-Grid Floors & Drawers: 20-25 Business days
Misc Accessories: 5-15 Business days
Baja Design Products: 40-60 Business days

So why the long lead times? In short, order volume is driving the lead times. Although we've seen huge increases in our material cost, we haven't had supply issues at this time. It just boils down to a lot of orders and us having a backlog fulfilling them.

So what are we doing about it? In the past year, we've added equipment, upgraded our facilities, and added staff members to handle the increased order volume. We will continue to do what we can to shorten these lead times.

To be clear, we aren't complaining about everyone wanting some American-made goodness; we fully appreciate the support and are doing everything we can to get your product out the door while keeping our quality high.

Please contact us with any questions about lead times on a new or current order. However, if your current order is within the above window, we likely will not have any updated information about timeframes. The wait isn't for the product build time; the delay is for your spot in line to begin manufacturing. If you are outside of the projected lead times, please contact us for an update.