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XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)
XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)
XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)
XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)
Purchase XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)
  • SKU: XJCCL-97-PC
    XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.36/5 Stars. (14 Reviews)
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Replace that old broken latch in your 97-01 Cherokee and finally have a working center console!

  • CNC cut and formed steel.
  • Includes black powdercoat!
  • Reuses factory hardware.
  • The last center console latch you will need.
  • Fits 97-01 Cherokees only.
  • Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.
  • Hand built in the USA!

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    1 Question asked on XJ Center Console Latch | Jeep Cherokee (97-01)

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    Q Taylor Morlock • 07/13/2020, 10:39:47 PM I baught one of these cause my oe one was broken. Apon install i noticed that its not springy like the oe one. It also doesnt latch or have movement. Is it supposed to have movement and latch, or just be like a handle? Thanks!
    A 07/15/2020, 12:39:23 PM It may need to be bent slightly to match and latch your lid center console combo. The aluminum (and the lid) should have just enough spring to latch and unlatch once adjusted. Please reach out to customer service if you are having issues after adjustment.
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.36/5 Stars out of 14 Reviews
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    Have to Bend it Constantly
    (CA) | February 4th, 2021
    The latch is good quality, and definitely beefier than the stock one that snapped. However, you constantly have to bend the latch to get it to close again after opening the center console. But it does latch so I will give it that, but for the price, I'd expect it to work flawlessly.
    Works, kinda
    (AZ) | January 9th, 2021
    You'll have to bend it to get it to latch and even then the lid isn't closed snugly. It isn't broken like the plastic one but not sure if buy this again. Seems like a little more refinement and it would latch a little better.
    Had to bend it
    (Virginia) | November 19th, 2020
    I thought the latch would be a little springy but it’s not just bendy, It bolts in but doesn’t latch, had to bend the part that sticks down down and around to get it to latch somewhat, overall it’s better than nothing but still not what I expected when getting a regular “bolt on” item
    Center Console Latch
    (NC) | August 8th, 2020
    Latch is nice and of top quality. Unfortunately it didn’t actually latch. It looks nice but doesn’t function for me and my XJ.