Do your products come painted or powdercoated?
All of our products ship unfinished, please see this page for more info.


Why is shipping so expensive?!
You'd have to ask UPS that one. Many of our products are oversize in both dimension and weight. UPS doesn't like to deal with large packages, so rates start to get a little crazy near their oversize limits.


Can I combine shipping?
On small items this is all ready done at checkout. On larger items UPS gives us no discount for combining packages in one shipment, so therefore we cannot offer any better deal to you.


Can I use my own UPS account?
Sorry no. In some cases we have size & weight variences on our account for products that would be oversize 2, or even unshippable. In most cases we still have to protest overage charges on each bill. Trust us, you don't want to deal with it.


Can I pickup my product at your location?
Sure can! From the checkout page, select "Pick my item up at JCR" from the shipping options.


Is the product I ordered in stock?
If it's a common small item there is a good chance it's in stock and ready to go. We try and keep as many bumpers on hand as we can in various build stages, so they go out quickly. You'll find we have some of the best order fullfillment times in the industy; expect bumpers to leave our facility in around 10-12 business days max, sliders 10-15 business days max.


Is my payment secure?
Sure is! We use 256bit SSL encryption, look for the lock in the address bar (or status bar) in the checkout process to verify. Still not comfortable ordering online? Call use to place your order, 269-353-1184.


Do I have to move my vacuum pump on my 2012 Wrangler JK.
On our Dagger series of bumpers you do not have to move the pump, on our other series of JK bumpers you may. If you select "2012" from the year drop down upon ordering, a bracket will be provided.


Can I add a tire carrier to my standard rear bumper later, or can I order just the bottom or top portion of a tire carrier at this time?
Sorry, we do not offer this option as we make sure every carrier mates pefectly with each bumper.


What's the difference in Stage 1, 2, or 3 slideres?
Stage 1 sliders include no additional round tube. Stage 2 sliders inlcude 1.75" tube welded horizontal, to act as a both a step and added protection. Stage 3 sliders include 1.75" tube welded at an upward angle, they offer slighly more protection and style at the expense of being a little harder to step on.


What steering is right for me?
This depends on a few factors, but we can give you a broad generalization. More than 4" of lift and you'll benefit from OTK steering, more than 6" and I'd make it a requirement. Read the instructions first! OTK installation takes knowledge and patience, and if your not comfortable with that, or don't have a local shop that you'd be comfortable doing custom fabrication on your rig, look into other options. Besides reaming the knuckles and pitman arm and maybe some track bar bracket mods (TJ Rubicon mostly) the UTK system is largely a bolt-on affair.