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  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
  • Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
Purchase Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK
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    Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.20/5 Stars. (15 Reviews)
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Jeep 1 Ton Steering Upgrade.
Available for all makes and models of Jeeps.

Looking to upgrade your stock Jeep steering? Is your lifted Jeep having alignment problems? With our Jeep 1 ton steering upgrade, you eliminate the hard to adjust "Y" stock steering, it allows for a longer drag link to help with your steering angles, and most importantly gives you heavy duty steering that will take a beating and hold up to the off-road abuse.

The rods are a beefy 1.25" diameter DOM, with an almost .25" wall; threads are direct tapped into the tube. This means (unlike a threaded insert) the TRE has full thread engagement into the tube for the length of its threads. On this system the passenger side TRE dust boot is replaced with a polyurethane spacer, which pulls the body of the TRE against this knuckle. This eliminates the tie rod roll that an inverted T setup sometimes has.

While we have had great luck not running a steering stabilizer, if you really have to have one feel free to order this bracket kit from summit racing. This kit will still allow you to easily align our steering setup.

We recommend having this kit installed by a professional 4x4 shop in your area as drilling and reaming needs to be done to knuckles and pitman arm to fit the 1 ton tie rod ends. Installation should take about 2 hours.

Please read the installation instrucions below BEFORE BUYING THIS PRODUCT. This will ensure that you realize what is involved with this install, and the limitations of this setup. Any aftermarket diff guards/covers may need to be modified or replaced depending on their standoff compared to the stock cover. Most half guards (Like the Warn Diff cover) can easily be modified to fit.

Resources for drill bits/reamers...
Mcmaster-Carr drill 5/8" bit #2933A28 (direct link)
Speedway Motors - 1 1/2 Inch Per Foot Reamer(direct link)


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9 Questions asked on Jeep Steering Upgrade 1-ton | Under the Knuckle - UTK

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Q charles • 04/16/2020, 2:44:18 PM will this kit work with a 5.5in lift?
A 04/16/2020, 5:17:11 PM Yes, but we recommend over the knuckle for that much lift.
Q matt • 05/15/2020, 4:05:06 PM Does you utk kit require you to run wheels with backspacing or can i use stock wheels
A 05/19/2020, 2:30:30 PM 15" stock backspace wheels may hit the tie rod ends.
Q Josh s. • 08/23/2020, 11:01:04 PM I have a 4.5 lift kit, and it says this will fit up to 4” will it still work with a added drop down pitman arm?
A 09/09/2020, 2:07:14 PM It will work, but angles start to get pretty steep of your trackbar and drag link. Drop brackets can help.
Q Scott • 09/09/2020, 0:55:27 AM Whats minimal lift height needed with the utk setup?
A 09/09/2020, 1:19:05 PM It will work with stock height vehicles in the UTK setup.
Q johnathan Velasco • 12/31/2020, 2:37:55 PM I have a 94 stock steering no lift will it fit with no problem or do I require a lift to make it fit??
A 01/07/2021, 1:01:36 PM It will fit.
Q Ken Amen • 02/26/2021, 0:58:00 AM This says it will fit all Jeeps is that including an '89 Jeep YJ bolt in? Any other modifications required?
A 03/01/2021, 2:42:00 PM This will not fit a YJ
Q Moises moraes • 05/30/2021, 2:00:18 PM I have a 3inch lift will this fit no problem?
A 06/04/2021, 11:31:41 AM Yes
Q Fernando • 06/01/2021, 3:00:00 AM Will this fit on a 1995 Jeep ZJ?
A 06/04/2021, 11:31:41 AM Yes
Q Jeffrey Buschard • 06/19/2021, 11:25:46 AM I have an 01 right hand drive XJ will this work with that some replacement parts I've found that aren't specifically made for RHD does not fit.
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM We have not tested with a right hand drive.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.20/5 Stars out of 15 Reviews
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Doesn't last too long, customer service not much help
(CA) | April 14th, 2021
I put this kit on my jeep about 3 years back, and since then I've had constant issues with it. Handling is a bit worse than stock, components come without paint etc., and everything wears out quick. When I've reached out to customer service they've given vague answers like "throw a couple poly bushings in, should take care of it." I'm not really getting specific help with my issues, and if other JCR components are needed to make this steering work right, that should be indicated up front or included in the kit.
$800 to get it in Canada and didn't last
(Alberta) | August 19th, 2020
Kit comes with beefy rods but TREs were disappointing in their longetivity. Got 2500km out of them before they got play. Greasing didn't seem to help their durability either. Some decent Tres and they'd have a winning kit.
1 ton UTK steering
| February 15th, 2020
Kit is decent quality, nothing more than any other steering kit available! EXTREMELY over priced! Instructions left a few head scratching moments, had to call tech support for clarification about the bushing on the passenger side......then the tech I spoke with really didn't have any idea and made the comment that he wasn't really sure and was looking at the same thing I was with the instructions. After looking at another brand kit, got it figured out! Would I purchase this kit again?? NO, nor will recommend it. There is other options available that are the same quality for much less!!!!
Great Product - TRE's hard to find
(Denver) | August 28th, 2019
I like the steering setup. I have no "dead spots" in the steering and there's no need for a stabilizer. I greatly prefer this setup to something with heim joints for safety reasons. I've lost a little bit of right hand steering due to clearance on the track bar bolt, but that has not been an issue. I did have a tie rod boot rip (not sure how) and I've been unable to find a replacement boot. Moog parts which correspond to JCR's part numbers in the instructions are not identical products and will require me to completely pull apart the steering, reinstall, and reallign. Moog parts appear to be of higher quality and are cheaper than buying the entire replacement set from JCR. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the setup.
Imported Review
| August 19th, 2016
Decent kit. The price is honestly a little steep due to the kit only contains bar stock that's drilled and threaded with generic tie rod ends. This was installed on an XJ with 4.5" of lift and 33" tires. The steering came out okay, although my stock steering seemed more responsive which is a little disappointing. Adding the stabilizer improves things, however the Rancho bracket JCR suggests cannot be used in my setup because it rubs the trackbar when steering is turned left. Three stars for the ease of install, however the results are moderate and most of the cost seems to be more towards marketing rather than labor/parts to make it. Will have to see how it holds up over time
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
Great setup, completely solved my death wabble.
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
"Great setup completely solved my death wabble."
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
Had bought this kit to upgrade my 01 xj with 4.5" of lift, my stock steering was falling apart, with this JCR UTK kit, it's 10x beafier and tighter. I absolutely love this kit, jcr had done it very well in this kit.
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
I bought this kit to run on a Cherokee with a 6.5 long arm lift with 35's. I read the reviews and the descriptions before buying it. And one thing that stood out was a steering stabilizer wasn't needed. I didn't believe it, but the kit installed easy and I'm at almost 5,000 miles with no stabilizer. I also received a call about a month after purchase. I didn't expect it, was asked how the kit was. How the install was and overall thoughts. I've never had anything like that when buying parts for my jeep. All part numbers for recommended tools was right. I love this kit. Would buy for another build in a heartbeat. Thanks JCR for a great product.
Imported Review
| February 18th, 2017
It is heavy duty and has great instructions for the price I think it should be painted or powder coated when the customer gets it. It is very nice rrcx4