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License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
Purchase License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount
    License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount

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License Plate Relocation Bracket (Spare Tire Mount)

Allows you to relocate your License plate inside your spare tire.

• CNC Cut from 1/8" Steel.

• Fits the follow bolt patterns; 5 on 4.5, 5 on 5, 5 on 5.5, and 6 on 5.5.

• Included LED Plate illumination light. Wiring required.

• Adjustable to work with different back spacing.

• For detailed install information on the Bronco, check out the Bronco Rear Vanguard Bumper install video below.

• Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.

• Hand built in the USA!


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11 Questions asked on License Plate Relocation | Spare Tire Mount

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Q Tony • 05/25/2020, 1:14:02 PM Could this be used above the bumper similar to a JK mount? We have a JLU and have upgraded the bumper but would like to keep the license plate near the bumper on the left side.
A 05/27/2020, 3:38:53 PM It's designed to go in the spare tire. We are sure there are other uses with some creativity.
Q Spencer Morrow • 02/13/2021, 11:53:32 AM Can you show us how to install the universal bracket on the XJ tire carrier
A 02/15/2021, 1:32:05 PM It's the same as in the video for the JT, just ignore the backup camera portion. Please contact us if we can assist further.
Q Aaron • 05/15/2021, 10:25:34 PM Does this require any kind of calibration for the camera indicators after install?
A 05/21/2021, 11:22:51 AM There is no calibration for the camera line overlays to our knowledge. So they will not be 100% correct if the camera is not in the exact location as factory.
Q Christian Rutherford • 06/18/2021, 12:04:07 PM Does the universal kit come with a reverse camera mount? Trying to add a backup camera to my XJ.
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM It doesn't. We suggest using a license plate frame style camera.
Q Tim • 06/21/2021, 5:03:42 PM Will this license plate relocation bracket fit on a 15 inch wheel on my 1998 Jeep TJ?
A 06/25/2021, 11:26:41 AM Yes.
Q Micah • 04/23/2022, 6:16:49 PM What brand and model # is the Brake Light LED? I purchase this from JCR and the LED has since shorted out from a damaged wire.
A 04/25/2022, 10:02:58 AM Send an email to or call 269-353-1184 and the guys can help you out!
Q Mike • 06/20/2022, 2:13:41 PM How does the camera mount effect removing the spare tire on a bronco?
A 06/22/2022, 2:23:14 PM You can disconnect the wiring and remove the license plate mount as a unit to remove the spare tire.
Q Mike • 06/23/2022, 1:05:53 PM are you going to post a video for the install on a bronco? relocating the camera, etc.?
A 06/24/2022, 9:39:07 AM The camera relocation process is shown towards the end of the Bronco Rear Vanguard Bumper Install Video and can be found at the bottom of it's product page or here:
Q Marty • 08/06/2022, 8:20:39 PM Do you provide a plate to cover the hole in the tailgate from moving the camera?
A 08/08/2022, 8:58:54 AM We do have Tailgate Plates for the Bronco, JL, and JK
Q Greg Porter • 10/10/2022, 4:38:53 PM Can the spare tire be mounted on the drivers side adventurer carrier? (All the pics show passenger side). And can license plate and rear camera relocator for bronco be mounted on drivers side adventure carrier?
A 10/11/2022, 4:55:28 PM Yes! They can be mounted on either side.
Q zachary stebbins • 12/02/2023, 11:25:09 AM do you have any instructions for the xj?
A 12/05/2023, 5:10:34 PM For an XJ you would just use the universal assembly/mounting guide linked below.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.33/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
cracked plate
(Az) | July 11th, 2020
Three major problems with this kit. One if you have an aftermarket tire carrier, like Jcr's you have to be careful not to tear your wires out when opening the tire carrier. Two you have to remove the wiring and bracket to get to your spare tire. Three the plate should be supported with a full bracket. The weight of the third brakelight bracket, connected only on the bottom of the the license plate will cause the plate to crack overtime. I've had mine on over 2 years now , and almost lost my plate because of this. I have bought several JCR products over the years for my jeeps . I normally like their products and think they are of good quality, but they really missed the mark with this one.
Note From JcrOffroad: Jeffrey thanks for the review. This bracket has been redesigned based on customer feedback. You can see the new bracket system installed here:
Imported Review
| April 7th, 2015
Got this for my JK and absolutely love the new tag location. VERY easy install, and very bright led tag light. Highly recommended, and very budget friendly.
Imported Review
| January 22nd, 2016
Fit good, had no problems mounting it. Was kind of a pain to change a tire, ended up cutting it up and using it to mount the plate on my hilift once i got a spare tire cover. LED is pretty bright.
Had a bunch of leftovers
(TX) | October 19th, 2021
This is a solid kit that fits everything, but I feel the price was a bit jacked for all the extra pieces you're getting. Put this on my XJ, wish you could choose what you needed even if it knocked just a few bucks off the price. Overall, I just dig JCRs parts and how they play together. It's like the Lego of Jeep aftermarket.
Imported Review
| November 24th, 2015
Fit was off, had to grind and bend the "arms" to fit this on my tire carrier pins "5x4.5 XJ spacing, custom bumper". Ordered it with the powder coat but grinding pretty much wrecked that, wish I'd gotten it unfinished. Two-part design is nice for being able to remove the tire without a hassle. Included wire is very short, you will need more. Even with all these issues it still is the best thing like it on the market that I've found.
Imported Review
| May 18th, 2019
Ordered the JL version with 3rd brake light. The fabricated metal brackets were of great quality. The electrical component were not so great. The LED for the license plate had wires much too small for the supplied butt connectors. Had to fold bare wires over to make them thick enough for the supplied connectors to hold. Additionally, the ‘double-sided tape' for the plate LED was worthless and I had to use double sided tape of my own. I'm hoping it stays on. The 3rd brake light was not the one from the video instructions, and did not install anywhere near the instructions. The ground for the 3rd brake light has a terminal end lug routes to the front of the light, in plain sight as you look at the light. Not visually pleasing at all. Additionally, no hardware was supplied to attach the 3rd brake light bracket to the license plate. The supplied spare wiring for the license plate LED was only 8” long and only made it from the passenger brake light assembly to the inside of the Jeep