XJ CB Antenna Mount | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

XJ CB Antenna Mount | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ CB Antenna Mount | Jeep Cherokee (84-01) Close


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XJ CB Antenna Mount - Jeep Cherokee
Easily mount a CB antenna on your Jeep Cherokee with JcrOffroad's slick and sturdy mount.

• CNC cut and formed from 1/8" Steel.
• Bolt on, no drill installation!
• Powder coated Black.
• Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.
• Hand built in the USA!

(4.20) 5 raters

  • This mount is very stout. The problem I encountered is that it hits my liftgate when shut. It chipped a decent piece of paint off when I closed it the first time &40;I should have checked&41;. It is mounted flush behind the light, so it is not due to mislocation on my part. Gonna grind the spot down so it doesn't hit anymore and repaint. Wish it didn't require modification and didn't chip my paint.

  • I purchased this when i kept bending, or breaking other mounts. This one is stout! Bounced off a few trees and it held up great. no bends, chips or anything. Still looks new. May not seem like an important part, but when you wheel the mountains like we do and have no cell signal, cb's are a must, so a broken antenna mount is not an option. Buy once.....Buy right!.

  • Great product, fit well on my 99xj, clean and simple design! I ended up ordering an additional one for my flsg!.

  • love this mount. Works perfect and i love how close it hugs the body. excellent quality for the money.

  • Purchased from Quadratec. Powder coat was dinged on a corner. Nice quality product overall. Only complaint I have is fitment when using a normal PL259 connector. I noticed on the pictures that it is a TIGHT fit between the mount and the body. I asked a rep if it was compatible with a normal connector or if I would need to go with something like the Firestik FireRing. I was told that a normal connector would work just fine. After installing the mount I found that the connector would rub on the liftgate a fair amount. I ended up pushing in on the side of the liftgate and enlarging the holes that attach the mount behind the rear light. Works fine now.

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