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XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
Purchase XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
    XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

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Cherokee Rock Sliders - XJ Classic

The Classic Sliders are tried and true, giving you maximum strengthen and protection for your Jeep's rocker panels.

  • Cut and formed from 3x2x3/16" box tubing.
  • 1 3/4" Angled round outer tubing.
  • Attaches using 13 bolts per side. Drilling required, but easily installed.
  • Fits 2-door and 4-door Jeep Cherokees, 1984-2001.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.
  • Hand built in the USA!

The classic sliders will fit these suspensions without modification:

  • All short arm suspensions
  • BDS long arm
  • Rock Krawler long arm
  • Rough Country long arm
  • TeraFlex long arm
  • TNT long arm
  • Iron Rock long arm
  • Clayton long arm
To use thse sliders with any other suspension that has brackets on the outside of the uniframe, or mounts on the pinch seam, modifications may be necessary.


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14 Questions asked on XJ Rock Sliders | Classic | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

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Q Richard Fletcher • 03/27/2020, 11:29:19 AM I have the BDS 4.5' LA lift and frame stiffeners (removed the section of stiffener where the crossmember mounts) Is there a solution to get XJ rock sliders to mount correctly with this configuration? (2001 XJ sport)
A 04/06/2020, 11:50:26 AM The sliders should fit with the long arm with no issues. With the stiffeners you may need some spacers between the slider and the pinch weld mounts.
Q Tanner Zonfrilli • 06/02/2020, 9:33:56 AM Are the rock sliders sold as a pair or as an individual slider?
A 06/02/2020, 11:25:09 AM They are sold as a pair.
Q Dominick R Becerra • 09/24/2020, 6:22:13 PM I bought some JCR rocksilders for my 99 xj. When I got them installed I noticed the front stuck out more then the rear. Is that the way they are?
A 10/01/2020, 2:06:03 PM Yes, the rockers taper in on the XJ in the front. The sliders are designed to be parallels with the tires.
Q Sherry • 12/30/2020, 10:32:28 AM How long do these take to get to me from order date?
A 12/30/2020, 4:42:59 PM See our current lead times here:
Q Evan Bell • 01/25/2021, 11:20:38 AM I got the Bushwacker fender flares which required cutting on the body so they would fit, will the sliders still go on well and attach as they should? Will it also cause any problems if they stick out more in the front and back?
A 02/02/2021, 5:12:14 PM The sliders will work with the trimming you did for the flares. Depending on how far they stick down you may have to trim the bottom of the flares if they hit the top of the sliders.
Q Trevor Patterson • 03/07/2021, 9:38:14 PM Are these rock sliders compatible with Rubicon Express Long Arm cross member?
A 03/08/2021, 12:20:24 PM They do not.
Q Adrian • 10/06/2021, 7:00:33 PM will these work with the Ironman fab 4x4 long arm
A 10/28/2021, 11:13:00 AM Should not be a problem, as far as we know they don't have any brackets on the side of the uniframe.
Q Cory Held • 10/19/2021, 9:30:44 PM Can you use these as a lift point for hi lift jacks?
A 10/28/2021, 11:13:00 AM Yes, no problem.
Q brandon uribe • 11/16/2021, 4:34:26 PM Would these fit on Comanche shirt bed?
A 12/08/2021, 10:25:17 AM They will not.
Q Andy Martin • 01/04/2022, 7:21:03 PM I have a 98 XJ 2 door are there different length for 2 and 4 door models
A 01/12/2022, 10:14:10 AM Sliders are the same for both models.
Q Noah • 01/11/2022, 1:49:23 PM Will these sliders work with a Rusty‚Äôs long arm kit?
A 01/12/2022, 10:14:10 AM Not without modification to the front leg.
Q Levi W • 02/27/2022, 8:44:33 PM Will these work with stink fab racing long arms
A 03/04/2022, 1:39:16 PM Looking at the photos of the long arm brackets, probably not without some sort of modifications to our sliders.
Q Chezzden • 03/14/2022, 5:38:41 PM Can you use these as a step to get on and put of the xj?
A 03/16/2022, 2:56:50 PM Yes, you could use these as a step. They are angled up so depending on your size, they may be high.
Q albert farkas • 10/29/2022, 6:50:31 AM Do the lights work when the doors open or is there a separate switch needed, if so is it supplied.
A 11/03/2022, 12:31:33 PM That wiring would be up to the customer, we only supply the lights themselves.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.70/5 Stars out of 10 Reviews
Imported Review
| January 22nd, 2016
These sliders were really what my Cherokee needed to protect my Jeep on the trail. Solid built construction, nice welds and easy install. Really adds to the look of my Cherokee. Thanks for the great product!
Imported Review
| January 23rd, 2016
I would recommend these sliders to anyone who is in the market for sliders! These have saved the rockers on my XJ numerous times! Welds looks great fitment was great installation was pretty straight forward. I was able t install these by my self with the help of a floor jack. These are definitely a must if you plan on wheeling your XJ! mmcrae
Imported Review
| January 23rd, 2017
Very happy with my Classic Sliders. They are built like a tank and just what my XJ needed to protect her rockers! Installation was a breeze! If you are looking for a quality set of sliders you've come to the right place. Thanks JCR! mikehyman
Imported Review
| December 31st, 2016
Received my sliders at work. Waited a day to tear open the box. These parts are well made, nice and heavy, great welds. Getting them home was an adventure. I work in downtown Los Angeles, and I live in Lake Arrowhead. I take the redline subway, and then hop on Metrolink. Door to Door is about a solid two hours. Did I mention these sliders are heavy? I even managed to drop them a few times waiting for my trains. They sure are loud when they hit the floor. They took it like a boss. Nobody offered to help. LA commuters are pansies. When I finally got them home, I had nice Popeye arms. You should really mention the unlimited health benefits of carrying these sliders through rush hour commute. And hey, nobody tried to mug me either. I looked so bad ass carrying these heavy metal rock crushers. I might just do it every day. Well, once I have them installed, commuting just won't be the same. Next up, getting your front bumper on the subway. Stay Jeepy my friends.
Imported Review
| December 31st, 2016
Hi, everyone thought I would share my experience on these sliders. Purchased them from 4wheel parts about a week ago, bought the bare metal version because I wanted them powered coated a different finish, not the wrinkled finish.
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
Great looking product...looks are not everything unless your buying this stuff! tough, durable and well planned out ! Thanks for putting out quality products.
Imported Review
| February 17th, 2017
I've had these on my 99 XJ for about a year now, and they are exactly what I had hoped they would be: Solid, good looking and easy to install by myself. An added benefit is the tubing gives me just enough of a step to be able to access a roof-mounted cargo dealie without performing any wild acrobatics. Fit is excellent and build quality is exactly what I expected after being amazed by the JCR rear bumper I got the year before. I am a loyal JCR fan and am now waiting for my Vanguard winch bumper to arrive - If you need armor or anything else these folks make, don't hesitate and you won't regret it. Customer service is top notch as well!
Solid sliders. May require modification though
| August 16th, 2020
First of all, these are built very solid. The finish is nice and welds are good. I did however have issues with fitment with my Ruffstuff frame stiffeners though. I clicked the box for frame stiffeners and I believe I recieved the correct product because in outward dimensions, it was spaced correctly. What was not listed is that if you have that lip on the top of your stiffeners that goes along your floorboards, you will not be able to allign the mounting plates flush without modification to the sliders. I had to cut the top of the mounting plates down halfway across the top holes, then drill new holes to replace those. Not the worst thing but kind of annoying. I dont expect them to know everything but it would be nice if it was acknowledged that with some stiffeners, you will have fitment issues. Otherwise, great product.
Imported Review
| October 30th, 2016
So far I love how heavy duty these are the protection the seam to offer. They go pretty far out and high which is great for protection "bad for drag". The directions say push up against the uni-rail up to the xj floor, but I would leave a gap from the floor. Not sure if if it's my XJ or the rail design but the sliders stick out more on the front than on the back end, on both driver and passenger sides. It is also extremely difficult to make it exactly even, Ididnt do it. I'm pretty OCD with stuff like that so I have to live with it. I personally think installation was difficult for what the tasks appears to be. Its a lot my fault, but I think if the slider's design was adjusted slightly it could be more easily installed. Make sure you line up everything correctly before drilling. and to be sure, before you start drilling measure the distances between holes on the slider and make sure that matches up with pen marks you make on your XJ.
Imported Review
| February 18th, 2017
These have held up great off-road, and have protected the jeep in many rocky and tight trail situations. I wish I had got these sooner! My only problem is the powder coating didn't even last 3 mo the before they started rusting "this was before off-road too". Overall, I am pleased and will buy more products for both jeeps. I wish they offered these for the Comanche too "and more products in general". -Ben