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Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
Purchase Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)
  • SKU: BR6-BSK
    Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)

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Designed to maximize space in the rear cargo area. Mounts at the height of the rear seatbacks to allow for an unobstructed view when unloaded.
  • Bolt together assembly
  • Coated in a 2 stage satin textured black powder coat
  • Includes assembly and mounting hardware
  • Includes tie-down points
  • 4 Door requires two Rear Window MOLLE Panels to mount.
  • 4 Door will work with hard top or soft top.
  • 2 Door can be installed with or without Rear Window MOLLE Panels.
  • Second row seats will recline.
  • Made from .125" aluminum
Does not fit Bronco Sport


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31 Questions asked on Bronco Interior Cargo Basket | 6th Gen (2021+)

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Q Justin • 03/07/2022, 6:14:32 PM What are the interior dimensions of the shelf? (need to see if my Jackery will fit on it) Also what is the measurement from the cargo floor to the bottom of the shelf? (Needing to see if my fridge will slide under it.
A 03/08/2022, 9:20:21 AM The basket is about 42.5"x13.5" About 22" from the floor to the bottom of the shelf on a 2-Door. About 20" on a 4-Door (at the lowest mounting point).
Q Dustin • 03/10/2022, 9:55:49 AM Is there any way you can give more exact measurement of the basket dimensions? I see there is a lip and sides of the basket and I am trying to fit a very specific item in the basket and I want to make sure that it will work before ordering....thanks.
A 03/10/2022, 12:39:15 PM 42 5/8" x 13 5/8"
Q Nathan Myers • 03/17/2022, 10:58:02 AM Can the rear head rest stay in the down position with the basket in place? do the head rest overlap the cargo area of the basket when in the down position?
A 03/18/2022, 10:55:40 AM Yes they can. When in the down position, the headrests fold forward (away from the basket).
Q Matt Kinney • 04/02/2022, 12:59:12 PM Will the soft top contact the basket when down.
A 04/04/2022, 11:11:41 AM It will not contact on the 4-Door factory soft top. We have yet not tested on the 2-Door aftermarket soft top options.
Q Ronie Mendoza • 04/14/2022, 10:51:00 AM Can you adjust the height?
A 04/22/2022, 2:11:05 PM Yes, on the 4 Door, you can adjust the mounting height on the MOLLE panels.
Q Jason Badey • 04/17/2022, 8:05:15 AM Will this shelf fit a 2022 ford bronco sport?
A 04/19/2022, 5:08:54 PM It will not.
Q Josh • 05/02/2022, 1:22:40 PM What is the weight capacity for this product?
A 05/04/2022, 1:42:54 PM We have no official weight capacity on this.
Q Clay • 05/11/2022, 2:51:47 PM When mounted furthest to rear in 2 door does it also function as a security enclosure between seats and tailgate?
A 05/13/2022, 10:13:23 AM Yes, it would definitely prevent items underneath from being removed.
Q POPO_PATTY • 05/28/2022, 1:30:15 AM Will this work on my 4Dr with the pet divider as well? I have that on order (for a few weeks now) and want to make sure it will fit with this as well. Love your products by the way!
A 06/06/2022, 2:23:10 PM Yes, it will!
Q Khalifa • 05/30/2022, 8:12:27 AM Should I take it off when removing the hard top? Or does it stay there?
A 06/09/2022, 2:54:02 PM 2 door - can be reinstall with the hard top fasteners after the top is removed. 4 door - stays in place since it is mounted between MOLLE panels
Q Robert Mansfield • 06/11/2022, 0:39:01 AM I have a 2 door. Removed the basket to take off hard top, then re-installed the basket. When I put the hard top back on, I put it on top of the basket brackets. Your thoughts and recommendations on this? As I see it, some additional weather stripping is needed forward of the cargo basket brackets, on the underside of the hardtop, then I believe it would be integrated well and the basket could remain installed while the hard top is off.
A 06/22/2022, 2:23:14 PM We haven't tried this setup, but as long as it's not flexing the top and you get it sealed it could work.
Q Tucker • 07/07/2022, 7:04:59 PM Will the two-door shelf work in a four-door Bronco?
A 07/08/2022, 10:34:38 AM The baskets are the same, but the mounts are different.
Q Christopher • 08/01/2022, 6:38:47 PM Will this fit bronco raptor
A 08/15/2022, 4:06:24 PM Yes
Q Ryan • 09/07/2022, 12:02:20 PM Will you guys make a larger basket that the 4Door can accommodate. This basket is a little small and won’t fit my stackable storage totes. I’d love to see one about 20”deep.
A 09/28/2022, 2:53:09 PM Nothing in the works at this point, sorry.
Q JKS • 10/20/2022, 8:26:28 PM Can you lay the seats down with the shelf in?
A 10/27/2022, 10:51:09 AM yes
Q Chris • 10/27/2022, 11:44:18 AM Are the Molle panels required for mounting in a 4 door?
A 11/03/2022, 12:31:33 PM 4 Door requires two Rear Window MOLLE Panels to mount.
Q Daniel • 11/04/2022, 1:10:36 AM On the 4 door, by drilling new holes in both sides of the side panels. Can the shelf be moved more towards the rear?
A 11/14/2022, 1:26:56 PM Yes it can.
Q Tom Blue • 12/03/2022, 1:49:17 AM I would like to mount a 13 1/4 inch wide down firing subwoofer in the basket in my 2 door. Any potential problems?
A 12/07/2022, 11:11:08 AM None besides a subwoofer may make the basket rattle.
Q Martin van Overbeek • 12/08/2022, 12:07:18 PM How tall is the lip/sides of the basket
A 12/13/2022, 3:51:30 PM ~3.375" from the floor of the basket.
Q Mat • 12/19/2022, 12:42:53 PM If I bought the 2 door molle panels could I install this from the molle panels like the 4-door installation? It would be convenient to not have to remove it when I want to take the top off.
A 12/20/2022, 2:28:00 PM We have not tried that installation at the shop, sorry.
Q Marky Mark • 01/28/2023, 4:45:38 AM How much does it weigh?
A 01/30/2023, 4:19:30 PM Roughly 15 lbs.
Q Jay Kelley • 02/01/2023, 1:10:30 PM When in place on a 2 door does it prevent people from grabbing items below the shelf?
A 02/03/2023, 1:42:58 PM A 1-2" gap is in the back with the gate closed. It would keep most large items secure with the gate locked.
Q Chrid • 02/12/2023, 9:19:29 PM I have a 2 door bronco is there a way you guys can develop a different mount for the tray to mount to the roll bar to avoid removing the whole thing to remove the top?
A 03/13/2023, 5:02:58 PM We don’t have plans to change it. That was the best way to utilize the space and have it play nicely with all of our other accessories.
Q Zach Suttner • 02/21/2023, 9:46:44 PM My "question" is more like a reminder... you need (2) rear window MOLLES to install this. Like an idiot, I only ordered one rear window MOLLE and will need to order another. Zero fault of JCR... the description clearly states the quantity. Just wanted to give a heads up so others don't make the same mistake.
A 02/23/2023, 1:50:18 PM Thanks for the reminder for customers.
Q Jenny • 03/25/2023, 10:11:37 AM Will this fit a 2023 2 door? Thanks!
A 03/27/2023, 11:00:04 AM Yes! Just be sure to choose the 2 door option in the drop down.
Q Rick • 08/15/2023, 8:47:22 AM Since this requires the molle panels; do I need to remove the hard top in order to put the molle panels on my Bronco Wildtrak?
A 12/01/2023, 10:39:33 AM It would certainly help, but isn't required.
Q Jeffrey • 09/17/2023, 8:32:10 AM Will this work with the rear lower molle panels
A 12/05/2023, 5:36:43 PM Yes
Q Larry • 09/26/2023, 6:18:06 PM Does this require lowering the back seats to access the rear storage area when to top is off?
A 01/23/2024, 4:45:35 PM That or opening the tailgate would be the best options for accessing the cargo area below the basket.
Q Jennifer • 11/02/2023, 1:01:01 PM Can this be easily installed by myself or do I need to hire someone?
A 11/08/2023, 11:38:29 AM Please check out the install videos listed on the product page and see if it's something you are comfortable installing by yourself.
Q Chad Stark • 11/08/2023, 8:23:40 PM Will the back seat headrest still go back and lay down with this rack installed on 2 door bronco
A 12/05/2023, 5:41:13 PM Headrests can not go all the way back on 2-doors.
Q Paul • 01/28/2024, 9:22:48 PM Any reason I couldn’t use wing nuts with lock washers to mount the basket to the side plates to enable easy removal?
A 02/14/2024, 11:19:20 AM Sure, that can probably be done.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
Now thats a great rack!
(Anchorage, AK) | August 21st, 2023
Easy to install, very versatile, looks great and extremely functional. I love this thing. It makes it so much easier to organize for your trip, especially with the two door bronco.
Note From JcrOffroad: Thanks Nate, glad you like the rack!
Bronco 2 door interior storage shelf
(Colorado) | August 6th, 2023
Excellent. Great company. communications, shipping and product. Product was packed with hardware and easy installation. Looks and works great. Recommend to other people and just what I was looking for. Great quality and design.
Cargo Basket
(Sout Texas) | December 30th, 2022
Took longer to get it out of the box than install it. Perfect fit, looks great.
Excellent fit and finish
(Cumming, GA) | December 29th, 2022
Just received and installed. Very happy with it. Just the right height that my pup can still get in and out and for me to crawl through! Thanks!

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