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Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
Purchase Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper
    Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper

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    Weight: 49 (lbs)

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JcrOffroad's Winch Plate is designed to add a winch mounting location to the factory steel bumper. 
    • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" Steel.
    • Includes (2) 3/4" thick shackle tabs.
    • Recessed Winch Mount.
    • Provisions for Front Bumper Park Aid Sensors.
    • Winch-ready using the market standard 10" x 4.5" bottom foot mounting profile.
    • Easy Bolt-on Installation.
    • Works with ACC module in factory location.
    • Works with JCR's Bronco Bolt-On Bull Bar and Pre-Runner Tubes.
    • Works with the Ford Safari Bar.
    • Works with the Ford Capable Bumper and Modular Bumper.
    • Includes mounting hardware.
    • Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.
    • Hand-built in the USA!

¹ Broncos equipped with the 360 Degree Camera option will need our camera relocation bracket (see related products below) to minimize front camera view obstruction from the winch.
³ Does not fit Bronco Sport.


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43 Questions asked on Bronco Winch Plate | 6th Gen (2021+) MOD Steel / Capable Bumper

Ask us anything

Q Bird Dog Overland • 01/13/2022, 11:12:37 AM Will the new Front camera relocation kit work with this winch plate?
A 01/14/2022, 3:41:24 PM Yes, it will.
Q randall • 01/13/2022, 1:18:30 PM can you purchase just the 2 mounting brackets that replace the factory tow points?
A 01/14/2022, 3:41:24 PM Not at this time.
Q Forrest Megargel • 01/19/2022, 6:16:06 PM Will the OEM Safari bar work with the ACC relocation bracket?
A 01/24/2022, 2:08:05 PM We aren't sure on that.
Q MARK PANICOLA • 01/20/2022, 12:07:12 PM Can you put a different make winch on or at least different style warn
A 01/21/2022, 11:39:10 AM Yes, you can.
Q Patrick Ahern • 01/20/2022, 1:21:57 PM Will you offer relocation kit for winch control head?
A 01/21/2022, 11:36:31 AM The winch manufacturer will have a control box relocation kit for your winch.
Q ALLEN • 01/25/2022, 4:36:31 PM Will a Warn Zeon 12-S fit ?
A 01/26/2022, 10:13:53 AM Yes
Q Adam C Huskins • 01/31/2022, 12:25:35 PM If you relocate the winch control unit will the front camera still need to be relocated?
A 02/01/2022, 4:17:24 PM Yes.
Q Keith blanchard • 02/02/2022, 6:00:18 PM does it fit the 2.7l engine and intercooler??
A 02/07/2022, 10:40:16 AM Yes it does
Q kyle • 02/07/2022, 2:12:35 AM will this mount fit a warn zeon platnium 12
A 02/07/2022, 9:33:09 AM Yes, it will.
Q Justin Peterson • 02/11/2022, 5:54:41 PM Will this work with a tow bar for flat towing?
A 02/17/2022, 3:24:02 PM We haven't tried a towbar that attaches to the d-rings on this, but they are available. We didn't design this winch plate with flat towing in mind, however.
Q Tricky Nick • 02/22/2022, 11:25:18 AM Will the Badlands 12,000 Apex Winch fit the mounting plate? It has a 10" X 4.49" bottom mounting bolt pattern. Thanks.
A 03/01/2022, 8:42:31 AM Yes, it will.
Q Eric Thuma • 02/23/2022, 2:04:53 PM Is this compatible with Black Diamond Trim?
A 03/01/2022, 8:50:50 AM Yes, as long as you have the Ford Modular Front Bumper.
Q Eric • 02/23/2022, 2:06:13 PM Is this compatible with capable bumper
A 03/04/2022, 1:39:16 PM Yes, it is.
Q Brian Lawrence • 02/27/2022, 12:33:15 PM Does this work with the modular bumper?
A 03/01/2022, 8:48:01 AM Yes, it is designed to work with the Ford Modular Steel Bumper.
Q Dave • 02/28/2022, 5:37:24 PM I am still waiting on the ADD AC relocation bracket. Can it be installed after the winch plate has been installed?
A 03/04/2022, 1:39:16 PM Should not be a problem.
Q Matt • 03/03/2022, 10:22:16 AM Will this Winch Plate fit with the OEM Safari Bar in place?
A 03/04/2022, 1:27:31 PM Yes it will
Q JERRY • 03/24/2022, 5:35:14 PM Will this work with the Smittybuilt 10k winch?
A 03/25/2022, 9:37:37 AM Yes, it will.
Q J • 05/23/2022, 3:19:56 PM Would a 4” and/or 6” bull/hoop/nudge bar work with this kit? I seen your 7” one but it’s a little higher than I want.
A 05/24/2022, 9:46:53 AM It will not, any shorter and it will likely interfere with the winch.
Q Aim • 05/24/2022, 6:19:23 PM The question about using a shorter bull bar like a 6” or even 4” you answered that it may interfere with the actual winch. Were you referring to it interfering with the winch wire box or interfering with the actual rope function? I too am looking into this with plans to relocate the winch box and use a shorter bar as I have in the past on my winch equipped JK. Thank you.
A 05/25/2022, 9:24:08 AM Yes, the only issue would be the tube occupying the same space as the winch itself. It won't interfere with the line. It should be fine if you relocate the winch control box and depending on the angle of the tube, you may not need to.
Q Ross Sanford • 06/08/2022, 9:37:58 AM What size shackles can I used with the winch plate?
A 06/09/2022, 2:54:02 PM Most 3/4" shackles work just fine.
Q WinchMan • 06/27/2022, 11:50:36 AM If you don't have front sensors/camera do you still need to drop the bumper?
A 06/27/2022, 3:38:52 PM Yes, you will have to in order to replace the factory tow hooks with the new mounts.
Q Mark Borgmann • 07/14/2022, 10:26:24 PM How much does this kit weigh
A 07/18/2022, 9:50:02 AM 49 lbs
Q daniel drinkard • 08/02/2022, 7:57:15 AM has this been tested for the capable bumper yet
A 08/08/2022, 9:14:01 AM Yes, it works with the capable bumper!
Q Freddie • 08/06/2022, 4:27:20 PM Will this work with the capable bumper?
A 08/08/2022, 9:00:23 AM Yes it will!
Q Michael • 08/20/2022, 10:20:51 AM Do you need to relocate the Adaptive Cruise Control module? The product description states that it works with ACC but the answer to another question in the Q & A mentions the need to relocate the ACC module. Thanks.
A 08/22/2022, 1:50:03 PM We have found that it does work with the ACC module.
Q Tom • 09/21/2022, 11:49:58 AM How much force in pounds can the new shackle mounts handle? It looks like they mount to the factory recovery points but the bolts are the weak spots.
A 09/27/2022, 12:35:45 PM The same as factory.
Q Ken Schulte • 11/01/2022, 7:44:24 PM How far does the winch plate project beyond the OEM bumper? Is the approach angle impacted?
A 11/03/2022, 12:56:23 PM The fairlead sticks about 12" in front of the grille. Yes, this will effect the approach angle.
Q Dean • 12/08/2022, 6:00:41 PM Do you offer a bully bar that protects the winch in case of impact like the factory Warn set up?
A 12/13/2022, 3:27:42 PM The winch plate is compatible with our bolt-on hoops, like this one:
Q TJ • 12/27/2022, 4:36:30 PM Does this work with the Bronco Raptor factory bumper?
A 01/10/2023, 12:46:16 PM It will install on the Bronco Raptor front bumper, yes.
Q Aaron Smith • 01/02/2023, 3:51:38 PM Will this work with the Raptor Bronco?
A 01/10/2023, 12:46:16 PM It will install on the Bronco Raptor front bumper, yes.
Q Jarrett • 01/15/2023, 7:46:07 PM Will this fit the fieryred 13k lbs winch on it?
A 01/20/2023, 5:04:32 PM Yes.
Q Greg • 01/23/2023, 3:44:36 PM You show pictures of this kit installed on the Bronco with the Capable Bumper, the install video shows it being installed on one with the Modular Bumper. This confirms it adapts to the Capable, do you have installation instruction for the Capable Bumper? I'd like to see a video or instructions before I commit to this kit.
A 01/30/2023, 4:38:59 PM We just updated the installation video on this product page with that information. It's around the 15:00 mark.
Q blumtn • 02/01/2023, 8:25:06 AM Have you reconsidered selling just the two mounting brackets? Might this be a future option? Thanks.
A 02/03/2023, 1:42:58 PM No plans for that at this time.
A 02/14/2023, 4:48:44 PM Yes.
Q Jody Jernigan • 03/08/2023, 9:12:18 PM I noticed a hole on the top surface of the mount on either side, can a light or light bracket be mounted there? If so do you have any suggestions?
A 03/13/2023, 4:49:56 PM Yes, you could mound a pair of lights there.
Q Jerr • 04/01/2023, 8:54:29 PM Can the standard base bumper be used or adapted
A 04/17/2023, 6:29:27 PM It can not.
Q BroncoTrail • 04/14/2023, 1:02:11 PM Are the replacement recovery points just as strong as the stock recovery hooks? Can you use the replacement recovery points to pull the vehicle from the side (as opposed to pulling it forward)?
A 04/17/2023, 7:14:47 PM You can use the hooks for recovery, yes.
Q Mike • 06/06/2023, 2:01:51 PM Is it possible to remove just the plate and winch when not in use? I only want a winch when I am off-roading and I like my MOD bumper. I realize the mounting brackets would remain attached to the vehicle.
A 07/26/2023, 4:48:42 PM Yes, that can be removed when not being used.
Q Eric • 08/07/2023, 3:17:50 PM What are the dimensions of the winch bay? I'm looking at Come Up Solo 9.5 and I'm unsure if it will fit.
A 08/09/2023, 11:39:23 AM Looks as though that winch is no larger than a Warn Zeon which we have used in the past. That should not be an issue.
Q Larry • 10/25/2023, 10:56:43 PM Just to make it clear, does the Adaptive Cruise Control work with this winch mount? Are there any concerns with that combination?
A 11/08/2023, 12:06:09 PM Yes, the ACC does still function with the winch plate installed.
Q Justin • 12/11/2023, 11:38:22 PM Does mounting a winch in this position block the intercooler on a 2.7?
A 01/22/2024, 5:34:02 PM We've seen no cooling issues with a winch installed in this location.
Q Blake • 02/15/2024, 0:07:24 AM Can Baja Designs LP6 lights be mounted on the top of the winch plate using the two holes on the top side of it?
A 03/01/2024, 10:14:55 AM It may be somewhat dependent on how large of a winch you install, but yes you could mount the LP6's to the holes on the top of the winch plate.
Q James Cairns • 03/06/2024, 2:41:15 PM I have a Black Diamond with a Capable bumper. I want to be able to remove the plate and winch when not off roading. It looks like the plate and attachment brackets could be easily removed from the JCR brackets attached to the frame. This, however, would leave me without any front tow points. Would it be possible for me to drill a hole in each of the two brackets the attach to the frame big enough to accommodate a shackle with a 7/8 pin?
A 03/11/2024, 11:44:41 AM The mounting brackets for the winch plate are designed to be used as d-rings as well. They utilize 1" holes to accommodate recovery shackles.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
Great American Product
(Middleburg, FL) | August 5th, 2023
I love all the JCR products I've bought so far, probably has a lot to do with being American and the quality that comes with that. This winch mount is no different. It mounts great, their video for install was simple and helpful. Great product so far, I've had it for about 3 months+ installed, no issues yet. I mounted a Sherpa 4X4 Mustang Winch on it and it looks and works greats. I've only had to use it twice so far, but worked well both times.
Winch Mount
(Louisiana) | July 14th, 2023
What an Extremely Great product. I received on of the first Mounts that JCR produced. Been on the truck since Feb of 2022. Still holding up great! Fit and finish was perfect. 100% recommend!
Note From JcrOffroad: Thanks Wesley!
Awesome Winch plate
(Falling Waters, WV) | April 11th, 2022
Easy to install except the relocation of the stock sensors on the Bronco. That was a little difficult/time consuming to undo the Bronco's bumper wiring harness. If you doing it without sensors it will be a breeze < 1 hour. I recommend watching the video on the install and leave more wire slack than you think you need when unwrapping the sensors from the harness on the Bronco.

Installs directly to the factory steel bumper.

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