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DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
Purchase DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)
    DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.00/5 Stars. (9 Reviews)
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Cherokee Rear DIY Bumper - XJ DIY

The DIY kit is designed for those wanting to build their bumper themselves. Let us take the design and guess work out of the equation! Bend it, weld it, wheel it!

• CNC Cut from 3/16" Steel.
• Fits 2-door and 4-door Jeep Cherokees, 1984-2001.
• Includes receiver hitch tubing.
• Includes JcrOffroad sticker.
• Hand built in the USA!


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12 Questions asked on DIY XJ Bumper | Rear | Jeep Cherokee (84-01)

Ask us anything

Q Devon • 04/09/2020, 1:54:24 PM Is there a tow weight rating on the receiver or is it intended for recovery only?
A 04/16/2020, 5:17:11 PM If you plan to tow with this we would suggest adding some reinforcement behind the bumper. Also, we can't really officially rate it since it's a DIY product.
Q Larkin Kelly • 06/21/2020, 4:04:09 PM Do these work with the integrated quarter armor?
A 06/24/2020, 5:25:15 PM They are not designed specifically for the DIY bumpers, but they will often work with modification.
Q Jesse Nemec • 02/20/2021, 1:05:00 AM Do you offer any kits to add a swing-out tire carrier into this kit?
A 03/01/2021, 2:33:46 PM We do not.
Q Thomas • 05/04/2021, 6:13:15 PM What are the dimensions?
A 05/05/2021, 2:11:36 PM Roughly 65" wide x 5" tall.
Q Jared Wiggin • 05/18/2021, 6:48:11 PM So I bought this DIY bumper and messed up the mounting brackets by welding then the same way can I just buy a set of mounting brackets?
A 05/21/2021, 11:22:51 AM Please contact our customer service team.
Q Rob • 06/05/2021, 2:00:58 PM Where do I find assembly instructions?
A 06/11/2021, 3:33:39 PM
Q Mike • 06/19/2021, 8:24:11 PM Will this bumper work with a factory tow receiver hitch?
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM You may need to test fit before final weld up and make a couple clearance cuts for the factory hitch, but yes.
Q Cristopher Valenzuela • 10/05/2021, 9:49:57 PM Do you guys offer this bumper al ready build ?
A 10/18/2021, 4:22:17 PM Not this exact bumper. We offer the Rear Vanguard bumper. (Tire carrier-ready)
Q Doug • 10/25/2021, 7:41:43 PM Is there a list of hardware needed to install the bumper? Is there anything else required, but not included?
A 10/28/2021, 11:13:00 AM You can re-use your stock hardware to install.
Q De'Micheal Ware • 11/24/2021, 7:54:41 PM Will the swing out tire carrier and Jerry can holder mount to this bumper
A 12/07/2021, 5:28:03 PM It will not.
Q Todd • 03/08/2022, 8:54:04 AM Does this work with the uni-body tie in bracket to add additional support?
A 03/11/2022, 4:19:23 PM Yes it does.
Q Alex • 12/16/2022, 11:43:14 AM I have this bumper. i am in the process of installing the mounts to the bumper. when i measured, i came up with 30 7/8" between the mounts. instructions say 31" should i try moving the mounts out or will that measurement be okay? if i move them out then they start hitting the side wings and mess the angle up.
A 12/20/2022, 2:16:17 PM 30 7/8 is probably fine, but you can always double-check the mount spacing of your specific XJ to be sure.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.00/5 Stars out of 9 Reviews
DIY XJ rear bumper kit
(Maine) | August 10th, 2022
Bought this DIY kit while building my wife's XJ 6 years ago. This is really a great way to go if you have the tools and the space. Its not for everyone as evidenced by some other reviews, but for half the cost of a ready built bumper and the chance to custom fit it to your Jeep, you absolutely cant beat it. I folded it all up and tacked it together and was amazed at how little adjustment was necessary on the first mock up. Took me a day from opening the box to being prepped for paint and I had to add a little extra material to the tail light fillers but that was because I had a certain way I wanted it to fit up. I shot it with rustoleum metal primer and satin black enamel paint fully expecting to have to repaint it in a year or two. Six years later it still matches the factory applied satin black rocker decals on our 96 Sport. Im back for a front bumper for her XJ and front/rear bumpers for my XJ and MJ. Very satisfied with the JCR line..
Solid build
(San Diego CA) | July 28th, 2021
I rarely review items but this is an exception, I completed this build almost 8 years ago and its still kicking, about a week after welding it up and installing it I was rear ended at a stop light and the other guys car was totaled, and the only damage to the bumper was a minor scratch in the paint.
Good bumper
(Davis CA) | March 23rd, 2021
Pretty simple design that was relatively easy to build and install. Sturdy enough to handle a spare tire carrier with a couple reinforcing brackets added between the bumper and the frame. Won't be too stable if you don't tie it into the stock bumper mounts on the bottom of the frame rail, hole is included on the brackets so you can just weld some flat bar to the rail/ bolt to that and still keep the bumper bolt on. Instructions could probably use some editing, repeats on itself a little bit.
DIY bumper
(Arkansas) | December 13th, 2020
Bumper is for a 1992 xj. Very happy with the way it turned out. Worth the money. If you have a welder you should get a bumper. Next DIY bumper will be for the front.
Quality piece
(Nebraska) | May 11th, 2020
It's a DIY product so I don't really need detailed instructions. Went together fine, super strong. I even added some extra gussets to tow my 16' fishing boat.
Imported Review
| December 31st, 2016
Quality Product. It looks great.
Great design, Bad instructions
(Nashville, TN) | September 25th, 2019
Very cool bumper once you get it together, unfortunately thats easier said than done. It comes with no instructions in the box and the “instructions “ on the website are almost a hindrance as they are so poorly thrown together they actually sabotage the construction. The steps arent even in the right order. Also be aware that the plasma cuts that are made leave over 1/4” gap to be filled after folding, which is very difficult to fill with a mig welder. If you have about 10-12 hours on your hands and you dont mind doing a LOT of trouble shooting and back tracking give it a go. It is a good looking bumper certainly, but understand that they want you to buy the pre fab version, what you save in money you will vastly pay for with your time.
Good product
(Kentucky) | September 15th, 2019
The bumper is solid and I can't see this thing ever falling apart. The only downside is that the assembly and installation instructions are almost completely useless. In order to get any idea what I was doing, I had to go to YouTube. Why JCR doesn't provide instructions, I don't know.
junk! buy this on (removed) for 1/3 the price
(Colorado) | March 21st, 2023
This bumper can be purchased on (removed) for 140 dollars. same product! same pictures with Brian welding it. LOL
Note From JcrOffroad: A, so since an import company knocked off our product millimeter for millimeter and even stole our photos and install docs, we get a one-star review? Nice.

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