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JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
Purchase JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
    JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.86/5 Stars. (22 Reviews)
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    Weight: 87.0 (lbs)

    Quantity in Basket:  None

    This universal bed rack system allows for mounting almost anything, (rooftop tents, kayaks, bikes, snowboards, shovels, axes...) freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.

    • CNC cut and formed from 1/8" steel
    • Easy bolt together installation
    • Bolts into the factory Trail Rail System or clamps onto the bedsides (no drilling required).
    • Half Rack (77lbs) | Full Rack (87lbs)
    • 500lb dynamic (on-road) weight limit*
    • Will not work with factory bed cover.
    • Powder coated
    • Hardware Included
    • Made in the USA
    • Free shipping!

*Serious offroading with this much weight on rack is not recommended. Use your discretion when loading the rack and with vehicle speed when driving on jarring terrain. Vehicle instability or damage may occur.


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76 Questions asked on JT Bed Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)

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Q Matt • 04/21/2020, 3:04:54 PM I have the full rack mounted to my gladiator, and was wondering if you offer extra side horizontal rails for sale separately? I wanted to double up on one side for extra mounting space.
A 04/23/2020, 3:52:28 PM Please contact us for more information on this
Q Cesar Saenz • 04/23/2020, 3:20:54 PM What camping tent would fit this bed rack? Thanks
A 04/23/2020, 3:53:22 PM It's designed to be universal, but we are running the FreeSpirit High Country 55” on ours at the shop.
Q Mark Frazier • 04/30/2020, 0:48:16 AM I see you guys are running a 55" tent. Do you think the next size up (62") would overhang too much or interfere with tent windows?
A 04/30/2020, 2:54:26 PM The 55 fits great, but the extra 8" for the FSR 63" should not be an issue. May hang over the tailgate a little though.
Q Matt • 05/17/2020, 4:03:19 PM Anyone use with kayaks? Or can recommend a compatible j-style carrier?
A 05/19/2020, 2:18:41 PM Any universal j-mount seems to work fine.
Q Charles • 05/18/2020, 0:10:59 AM Is this compatible with the tri-fold mopar toneau cover? Will it close over top of the brackets on this? If not, are you guys planning to make a solution to go under this to help protect gear in the bed?
A 05/19/2020, 2:18:41 PM No, it's not compatible with the factory bed cover. We recommend the Access line of roll-up covers, please see the videos attached to this product page.
Q Matt • 05/19/2020, 11:25:49 AM I see dynamic is 500lbs what is the static weight?
A 05/27/2020, 3:55:36 PM That is not spec we have as only Jeep knows the ultimate strength of the bed. It would be a the customer's discretion.
Q Tom • 06/09/2020, 5:50:49 AM What is the height difference between the top of the half and full racks, to the top of the hard top?
A 06/10/2020, 4:19:49 PM Roughly 11" for the half rack and 2" for the full.
Q Justin • 06/23/2020, 7:34:15 AM Can the gladiator still get naked with this rack?
A 06/24/2020, 5:25:15 PM Yes, top comes off fine.
Q Rachel • 07/30/2020, 2:16:45 PM Can it be installed without drilling if you don’t have the trail rail
A 08/05/2020, 1:07:37 PM Yes, mounts are included.
Q John • 07/31/2020, 0:53:00 AM Will this work with aftermarket tri fold bed covers?
A 08/05/2020, 12:41:14 PM No it will not.
Q Steve McCullough • 08/10/2020, 9:22:56 AM I have a full rack on order for my Gladiator and was just wondering if it's designed to mount the RTT on the front and rear towers or if the center (fore to aft) bars will support a RTT too? I have the SmittyBilt RTT and I think my mount points for it are narrower than the towers are spaced.
A 08/12/2020, 3:39:22 PM You can mount a tent to either. Whatever is easiest for your setup.
Q Jon Burkett • 08/12/2020, 1:13:41 AM Regarding the Access Tonneau and the 2020 Jeep Gladiator fit-up to the JCR Bedrack...they sell The Limited Edition, Original, Laredo, And Literider. I did not hear in the video what specific model of Access fits best with the bedrack. Please advise.
A 08/12/2020, 3:39:22 PM In our experience they all mount the same. Pick which one you like best. The +1" clearance of some of them is nice.
Q Darren • 08/30/2020, 3:38:53 PM What is the overall length on top from tower to tower?
A 09/09/2020, 2:07:14 PM 44" inside to inside of the front "tower" and rear "tower".
Q Jeff Blanchette • 09/08/2020, 11:51:41 AM In the bed rack installation video you mentioned you can run the rack without the lateral bars. Could you run the half rack with the lateral bars but without the accessory panels?
A 09/09/2020, 1:19:05 PM Sure, would not be an issue.
Q Sam • 09/08/2020, 8:57:32 PM I’m looking to mount some scene lights to side near the front and two on the rear of the rack. Any suggestions or tips on what lights fit the best?
A 09/09/2020, 1:19:05 PM The rack isn't setup for any specific lights, so you will likely have to drill.
Q Jeff • 09/18/2020, 12:46:37 PM 1. Access Tonneau cover does that go on first before installing your rack or the other way around? 2. Can your rack accommodate the FSR 80?
A 09/24/2020, 10:28:08 AM Rack first then cover. An 80" tent is going to stick out the back quite a bit. Also a few feet of it wouldn't be supported by anything. We would actually contact Free Spirit about that.
Q Andre V • 09/23/2020, 5:05:22 PM will the full height rack allow the mounting of a 35in wheel under the top of the rack?
A 09/24/2020, 10:28:08 AM Between the rack and the bed? Sure but you will have to figure out a creative mounting solution to get it there.
Q Pat • 09/27/2020, 10:58:51 AM I have a 70” hard shell roof top tent. With it being 10” longer than the bed, is the full rack high enough for the extra 10” to hang over the cab instead off the back end?
A 10/01/2020, 2:06:03 PM No, you would have to space the tent up 3" or so.
Q zachary Saran • 10/13/2020, 8:36:53 AM How long is this rack
A 10/16/2020, 2:56:58 PM The top mounting surfaces are ~48" center to center, the rack is 55" overall length on the bottom where it mounts to the bed.
Q John Bethard • 11/02/2020, 10:01:16 PM What is the weight limit for the full rack when vehicle is parked. ie...set up for camping with a rooftop tent?
A 11/03/2020, 3:33:15 PM We don't have an official static weight spec on these. It would be more of a limit of the bed of the truck, not the rack.
Q Johnny Utah • 11/10/2020, 1:30:47 PM Do you have additional lateral bars available for the top? I'd like to mount a pelican on top but it looks as if there is a good bit of space between the two lateral bars.
A 11/10/2020, 5:08:21 PM We don't have additional bars available at this time. The cargo basket may work for you though (VRK-BSK-PC)
Q Johnny Utah • 11/15/2020, 8:32:08 PM Rugged Ridge tonneau covers look like they also mount inside the rails. Any idea if they will work with the rack?
A 11/16/2020, 10:00:05 AM It looks like they have part of the cover extending over the bed rails on top. This will not work with our rack.
Q Morgan Greenlaw-Morrow • 11/16/2020, 9:45:45 AM HI there! Is there an issue with aerodynamics if you go with the tall rack with the tent on top as opposed to the short one? We ordered an access cover and I know (thanks to your helpful youtube video) it is easier to roll up with the tall rack but with a tent, I am concerned about how it will ride since the tent will be over the top of the truck cab. Thanks!
A 11/16/2020, 10:00:05 AM The tall rack with a tent will sacrifice some aerodynamics (and fuel economy) for the extra room under the rack. How much will depend on your specific build, tire size, gearing, etc...
Q Touy • 11/21/2020, 7:12:19 PM Would the half rack work with a 23 zero 72 walkabout RTT?
A 11/23/2020, 10:29:08 AM Yes, but the extra length of that tent will hang off the back of the bed.
Q Erin • 12/05/2020, 12:51:24 PM Does the rack work with a the gladiator that has a soft top that can be pulled back?
A 12/10/2020, 11:17:58 AM It works with the factory soft top.
Q Keith • 12/29/2020, 9:25:31 PM I have the rugged ridge tonneau cover that folds 3 times. Will this work on it?
A 12/30/2020, 4:42:59 PM It will not.
Q Andrew Forte • 01/21/2021, 5:14:52 PM What is the height from the bed floor to the lowest point of the rack crossmember (across the tailgate portion)? Looking to fit bikes under the full rack with a RTT installed. Thanks
A 01/25/2021, 11:17:28 AM Roughly ~36" on the tall rack.
Q logan • 02/16/2021, 1:42:26 PM Does the access line roll up bed covers work, when the half rack is mounted with the clamp style not the adventure track bar in bed?
A 03/01/2021, 2:33:46 PM You may have to move the clamps around, but yes, they can work together.
Q Jason • 02/18/2021, 4:56:00 PM Hi, I am considering purchasing this JT mid height rack system. I am concerned regarding the stability utilizing the rack system clamps, as I do not have the trail rail system. I am pleased to find your product has the option, however, I’m concerned. Could I run a rooftop tent, bike rack and bike, Roto packs, and various gear and expect to stay attached to the bed even when driving off-road?
A 03/01/2021, 2:57:04 PM We've had no issue in our shop JT with the clamp style and an RTT with gear. You can always buy the rails from Jeep if you'd like to go that route however (Mopar 82215956)
Q Zach • 03/01/2021, 7:45:34 PM A CVT Rainer size tent is 72x48, will this tent work on your half rack?
A 03/08/2021, 12:20:24 PM It will stick out the back of the Jeep 12" or so, but the tent should mount on top of the rack no problem.
Q Gerry Sarabia • 03/05/2021, 1:41:26 PM Will this work with rugged ridge armis soft rolling tonneau cover
A 03/08/2021, 12:20:24 PM It will not.
Q Chris Marquez • 03/18/2021, 9:10:32 PM Will Gladiator JT accessories fit my 2021 Gladiator Sport S Diesel?
A 03/22/2021, 6:12:20 PM The bed rack and related accessories will fit, yes.
Q Cayden • 03/20/2021, 3:22:09 PM Would love to get rack but am worried I won’t be able to go through drive through car washes anymore. Living in Michigan with our winters self washing is a pain with how often you have to wash because of salt.
A 03/22/2021, 6:12:20 PM We wash our Jeeps with racks all the time. It's safer to use touchless washes, however.
Q Kevin McConnell • 03/30/2021, 1:23:20 PM What is the static weight limit of the 12.5" half rack bed rack?
A 04/02/2021, 5:30:54 PM We have no official capacities on this rack, it's stronger than the bed it attaches to. Load at your discretion.
Q Corey • 04/01/2021, 1:03:28 PM Are there any spots to install lighting such as led lights or kc lights?
A 04/02/2021, 5:30:54 PM No specific spots, but there are plenty of mounting holes and slots to install accessories.
Q Bryan Holmes • 04/05/2021, 1:35:23 PM I just bought a 2021 Gladiator and it has the Trail Rail System in the bed. Will your rack work with this option? Cant seem to find an answer to this on your web page. thanks! Bryan
A 04/12/2021, 2:38:55 PM yes, will work great.
Q Colin • 04/08/2021, 8:25:05 AM I saw the clearance for the full rack, what is the distance from the bed floor to the lowest point of the half rack?
A 04/12/2021, 2:38:55 PM Roughly ~27"
Q Steve • 04/12/2021, 11:36:35 PM Hello, is the full height bed rack strong enough to carry the weight of a 37" spare tire on the underside of the rack, and the weight of tent on top?
A 04/21/2021, 3:38:02 PM Yes
Q BWA • 04/15/2021, 10:54:52 PM Can you get this rack with a black hardware kit vs. the silver?
A 04/21/2021, 3:38:02 PM We only offer silver on the bed racks at this time.
Q Allie Hart • 04/21/2021, 9:32:50 AM What recovery board and mounting systems work with this bed rack?
A 04/21/2021, 3:38:02 PM These mounts work and are designed for MAXTRAX:
Q Alex Mccash • 04/25/2021, 10:01:16 AM Will the rack work with the Bak revolver x4s?
A 04/28/2021, 4:41:20 PM We have not tested this.
Q Carl Roark • 04/27/2021, 11:19:44 PM I have the factory roll up tonneau cover. Will this work with your rack? Didnt see the roll up addressed in the FAQs
A 04/28/2021, 4:41:20 PM The factory rollup cover is not compatible, no.
Q Sean Wearne • 06/03/2021, 7:43:05 PM What is the rear crossbar dimension on the half rack, from drivers side to passenger side?
A 06/04/2021, 11:31:41 AM It varies based on the rack height. Please contact our customer service team for clarification and we can get you this measurement.
Q Scott Lover • 06/09/2021, 8:19:06 PM What is distance from bed to bottom of cross member on half rack
A 06/11/2021, 3:33:39 PM Roughly ~27"
Q D • 06/13/2021, 10:10:01 AM Does the roll up tonneau by Truxedo work with the half rack by any chance?
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM It does not.
Q Joey • 06/13/2021, 11:48:26 AM How quick is removal of the rack if you need full access to your bed?
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM Probably 10-20 min to loosen all the bed mounting fasteners.
Q Levi • 06/18/2021, 12:43:20 PM Does this ship completely assembled? If not, why tf is shipping to Alaska $1,200?
A 06/25/2021, 11:08:27 AM The shipping calc on the site may be wrong. Feel free to contact our customer support team for an accurate quote.
Q David • 06/20/2021, 11:45:54 PM What are the dimensions of the cross bars? I want to mount an iKamper SkyCamp mini on it but the mounts call for a maximum crossbar height of 1.2" (3cm) and a width of 3.5" (9cm).
A 06/25/2021, 11:26:41 AM The bars are 3" wide by 1.5" tall.
Q Ryan • 07/06/2021, 5:38:40 PM What is clearance on the full height rack? I'm hoping that the bike mounts do fine, but I also have a bike tailgate pad and need to fit a 29" wheel on an XL bike in the bed if shuttling with more than 2 bikes.
A 07/08/2021, 2:33:54 PM Roughly ~36" under the tall rack for gear.
Q James Donaghy • 08/03/2021, 4:51:47 PM I have the Half Rack. Can I convert it to a full rack?
A 08/12/2021, 2:32:10 PM You would have to order the full rack, mounts and such are different.
Q Rod • 09/02/2021, 4:20:33 PM Will the Road Armor spare tire relocation bracket work with your rack?
A 09/23/2021, 12:51:41 PM We have tested that.
Q BUTTI • 09/20/2021, 6:12:15 AM Which Rotopax and traction boards were installed on the Gladiator shown? and which mounts were used?
A 09/23/2021, 12:51:41 PM Two gallon rotopaxs and the RotopaX Deluxe Pack Mounts bolt right on the side. We offer a traction board mount as well
Q Steve • 09/28/2021, 9:50:20 PM Hi there. Will this work with the factory spray bed coating without the factory installed rails? THANKS!
A 10/05/2021, 5:19:18 PM We include mounts to work on trucks without the factory rails. Bedliner is no problem, either.
Q Ryan Fischer • 11/01/2021, 5:12:02 PM Is there an option to attach this using a T-slot system (TRUXEDO ELEVATE TS RAILS?)
A 12/07/2021, 5:42:15 PM There is not, it mounts to the inside of the bed (where the factory rails mount).
Q Charles Almand • 01/01/2022, 6:01:57 PM Looking to mount an Alpha II Rooftop tent on the full height rack. Per TuffStuff, the tent requires at least 30 inches of space between the left to right rails. Will this rack work with that tent? Tent in question:
A 01/04/2022, 5:58:27 PM Yes, you can space the top bars to 30.5" wide on center.
Q Jayson DuVal • 01/20/2022, 11:16:23 PM I have the trail rail system and a Truxedo Lo Pro roll up tonneau cover (not installed yet) can I add this rack?
A 01/24/2022, 2:08:05 PM Not compatible with your Truxedo cover.
Q Kgjlist • 01/22/2022, 7:31:03 PM Hi. I have a rhino rack batwing awning. Are there any brackets that would allow this to fit the cab high bed rack? I saw the mount for the roof of the Gladiator, but want it mounted to a bed rack. Thanks!
A 01/24/2022, 2:08:05 PM We don't have anything specifically, but most of the universal 270 mounts can bolt on top of the bed racks.
Q Marc Stevens • 01/26/2022, 11:01:25 AM Can you purchase the side panels and top bars that run the length of the bed separately?
A 01/26/2022, 3:48:07 PM We do not sell them separately.
Q Danny • 03/29/2022, 12:37:02 PM Do y’all sell risers to allow an XL RTT to go partially over the cab? If not are there some that work with the full height rack that y’all recommend?
A 03/30/2022, 9:47:00 AM We do! Search RTT on our site, look for our Bed Rack Roof Top Tent 3 Inch Risers.
Q Andrew • 04/02/2022, 1:44:00 PM Can any soft camper topper fit inside rack?
A 04/04/2022, 11:47:24 AM Fits Softtopper brand tops only.
Q Joseph Bodnar • 04/28/2022, 4:06:51 PM I have the darche hi view 2200. Will this be too large to fit on the full height rack?
A 05/04/2022, 1:42:54 PM You may have to space it up an inch or two so the front of the tent clears the cab. It would stick forward about 24" or so over the top of the Jeep. Also depends if the Darche mounting system is ok with that much overhang.
Q Ian • 05/08/2022, 3:40:55 PM Will you please provide a list of compatible covers?
A 05/25/2022, 2:35:00 PM We recommend the Access line of roll-up covers, please see the videos attached to this product page.
Q Brian • 06/09/2022, 12:38:04 PM The JCR Bedrack and Access Tonneau cover are both compatable with the trail rail system individually. Can both be installed together with the trail rail system or would it need to be removed? In the video it does appear there is a trail rail when both are installed together.
A 06/09/2022, 2:54:02 PM They can both be installed with the trail rail system.
Q Mathew • 07/24/2022, 3:48:50 PM Will this rack fit a Toyota Tacoma?
A 08/08/2022, 9:05:02 AM Checkout our Mid-Size Bed Rack or Overland Bed Rack for the Toyota Tacoma at!
Q Jordan • 10/02/2022, 10:11:54 AM Does this rack work with Roll-n-Lock retractable covers?
A 10/11/2022, 4:57:12 PM It does not.
Q Chase Black • 10/05/2022, 5:01:15 PM Will it work with Truxedo pro x15 roll up cover?
A 10/11/2022, 4:57:12 PM It will not.
Q Chase Black • 10/16/2022, 11:30:11 PM Will a TruXedo pro 15 cover work with half rack?
A 10/18/2022, 2:56:12 PM It will not.
Q Patrick McGaughan • 10/18/2022, 1:03:05 PM Love this rack .. do you offer Veteran discounts on your products?
A 10/18/2022, 2:56:12 PM We do:
Q Nick • 01/19/2023, 12:12:49 PM I have a few questions. I am looking to order this as well as the Access cover. My Jeep has the Trail Rail system. Looking at the install video I think I would need to install both at the same time. Sliding the first bracket for the rack into the trail rail then the 3 clamps for the cover and then the 2nd bracket for the rack is that correct? Also how wide is the accessory panel on the sides? And last can it be ordered with a 3rd bar for the top section?
A 01/20/2023, 5:04:32 PM Please contact our customer service team and we can help answer this more completely:
Q John • 02/09/2023, 10:05:54 AM Will this rack work with the same soft topper that works with the overland rack?
A 02/14/2023, 4:48:44 PM It wont.
Q Andrew • 04/26/2023, 10:22:12 AM What soft top camper shell will fit underneath full height rack model jt br full height?
A 05/01/2023, 12:03:22 PM None on this, but check out:
Q Yeleng her • 04/27/2023, 5:48:36 PM Will a Softopper fit the full size rack?
A 05/01/2023, 12:03:22 PM No, part JTXBR is what you are looking for.
Q John • 04/30/2023, 7:37:55 AM Will this rack fit the Prox15 Truxedo Tonneau
A 05/01/2023, 12:03:22 PM We recommend the Access line of roll-up covers as they are narrow enough to be compatible. For other covers look at this bed rack:
Q Chris Pierce • 12/31/2023, 11:34:55 AM Will the full rack height line up with the JCR roof rack height for the JT?
A 01/04/2024, 10:23:12 AM The full height rack will sit slightly below the very top of the hard top. Product photos show both mid and full height racks.
Q Corey • 04/09/2024, 10:44:52 PM What is the Height difference from a full rapt top to the roof of the gladiator.?
A 04/15/2024, 3:00:01 PM The full height rack measures 21.5" from the bedsides of the truck.
Q Travis Prater • 06/27/2024, 1:01:48 PM Is the mid height rack tall enough to mount a pelican/apache rifle case on the side?
A 07/08/2024, 4:30:06 PM Looks like that case is 16" tall and the rack is 12.5", so you'd need to mount it so the case overhangs the top of the rack by a few inches.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.86/5 Stars out of 22 Reviews
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Overall - Great Product, but....
(Houston) | October 14th, 2020
Upon receiving my Gladiator full rack, assembly was fast and easy. I've already put it to fast use and like the overall quality and structural integrity. My only gripe would be that I requested to purchase an additional (2) side rail supports for additional accessories to be added, unfortunately, the staff advised that additional side rails are not available for sell, for unspecified reasons. I'm not trying to be overly harsh with a 4 star review, but I was seriously miffed. Regardless, it's a great product and I'm still considering to purchase more products.
Nice rack, good deal would give 4.5 stars if that was an option
(VA) | August 18th, 2020
Just received my rack yesterday and got it install and mounted. I ordered the full rack as I plan to add a Gobi Stealth rack in a few months and wanted both racks somewhat equal in height and high enough to comfortably walk under an awning. I replaced my Ace Engineering Upper Decker with tent mounts with the JCR Bed Rack and the build quality is definitely on par or better than the Upper Decker. Only took about an hour to put together and mount. My only complaint is the rack I got, is not the rack in your installation video...looks like you tweaked the design a little and it is unfortunate. I am running a high clearance rear bumper and dual swingout with my 3rd brake light blocked by my spare. I had already planned on mounting a 3rd brake like to the rear crossbar and liked that in the install video, those crossbars included holes for zip ties. The rack I got however was only C Channel on the front and rear crossbars and were missing the additional bends of steel and pre-drilled holes that are shown in the video. Running my wires for the light will not be as stealth now as I think your original design allowed. I don't have anything mounted yet, but don't anticipate any issues with my tent or accessories. I recommend this rack based solely on the build quality and ease of install and price compared to other bed racks. But don't have any experience on function yet.

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