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Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
Purchase Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)
  • SKU: BR6RK-S
    Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)

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This roof rack system allows for customizable gear mounting (ie. Rotopax, tread boards, Hi-Lift..), freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.
  • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails.
  • Easy bolt together installation.
  • No drilling required..
  • Milled T-nut access points
  • Powdercoated
  • Hardware Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping!
Dynamic (road) weight rating is 120lbs evenly distributed*. Static and jarring off-road weight limits are at your discretion.
*based on field testing

Please note: vehicle will handle and wheel very differently with high loads on the roof. We recommend securing kayaks, canoes, and items that may generate resistance or lift at speed properly to the front and rear of the vehicle, not just the rack.

Short Rack Weight:
4 Door - 24lbs
2 Door - 28lbs


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31 Questions asked on Bronco Short Roof Rack | 6th Gen (2021+)

Ask us anything

Q Alan • 05/23/2022, 11:38:06 AM Any plans to build an attachment on the short rack that comes down over the side rear windows for Rotopaxs ?
A 05/23/2022, 12:50:23 PM Yes, we do plan on making a side accessory panel soon!
Q Kathleen • 05/31/2022, 6:36:27 PM Can you please tell me how much the Bronco Short Roof Rack and the Bronco Full Size Roof Rack each weigh? (Both for the 4-Dr.)
A 06/14/2022, 3:33:11 PM 4 Door Short Rack: 24lbs 4 Door Full Rack: 62lbs
Q Joey • 06/03/2022, 9:41:33 PM Will the rack support a Yakima / Thule rooftop cargo box?
A 06/09/2022, 2:54:02 PM We'd recommend a full length rack for the cargo boxes.
Q Nic • 06/12/2022, 5:13:27 PM Will this work on the 2 door hardtop Bronco?
A 06/14/2022, 11:04:43 AM Yes, it will.
Q Leon • 06/17/2022, 5:59:53 PM What is the distance between the bars?
A 06/22/2022, 2:23:14 PM Roughly 10" at the center of adjustment.
Q Bill • 06/27/2022, 1:47:48 PM Can you remove the back roof section with the short rack attached?
A 06/27/2022, 3:31:36 PM Yes you can.
Q Michael • 07/11/2022, 3:10:21 PM Do you have any suggestions which ski/snowboard racks would fit on this rack?
A 07/21/2022, 7:07:01 PM Many of the universal racks will fit fine. Just need to have enough adjustability in their clamps to fit around the 2" x 1" crossbars.
Q John B • 07/21/2022, 1:54:54 PM Hello. Thank you for making the short racks for the rear of the Bronco roofs. If I purchase the short rear rack (2 door or 4 door), and later decide I want to add the front section, can that be purchased separately without having to buy the full rack?
A 07/21/2022, 4:44:37 PM Yes! Just give us a call and you can add the front section any time. 269-353-1184
Q Tim Davis • 08/05/2022, 0:01:04 AM How high above the roof surface is the highest point of the 4 door short rack? I am concerned about getting in tot he garage.
A 08/15/2022, 4:06:24 PM roughly 4" above the top of the hardtop where they mount.
Q Ali • 08/27/2022, 8:10:53 PM Is there a version of the 2-Door Short Rack that comes with black hardware? If not, what sizes are the nuts and bolts so I can purchase them separately. Thank you!
A 08/30/2022, 10:30:52 AM Search for our Roof Rack Black Hardware Kit!
Q Tony • 09/27/2022, 7:41:30 PM What's the available width and length of the 2 door rack?
A 10/03/2022, 12:42:00 PM The short rack is about 47" x 47"
Q James Kenneth Rees • 10/01/2022, 3:07:00 PM Will the short rack work on a 2 door bronco with a retractable front panel twill roof?
A 10/11/2022, 5:39:25 PM We have not tested this at our shop. It looks like it may work, but the twill top could rest on the rack and that may chafe or wear into the top surface itself.
Q Josue Longoria • 10/05/2022, 5:10:37 AM Does the 2 door short rack come with the back section that the full rack comes with?
A 10/11/2022, 5:34:41 PM The back fairing? Yes, it does.
A 10/11/2022, 5:16:53 PM Could you please contact our customer service team directly to clarify?
Q Troy • 11/08/2022, 10:44:56 PM On the 2 door short roof rack, can you still remove the front roof panels? What about the rear roof to which the short rack attaches to - can the rear roof be removed from the Bronco without first removing the short rack?
A 11/14/2022, 1:56:01 PM You need to either loosen the fairing and rotate it up, or not run the fairing at all to remove the front panels with the rack installed. There can be some wind noise issues without the fairing installed though. The rear of the top can be removed with the rack installed, yes.
Q TJ • 11/28/2022, 12:05:57 PM What is the distance, center to center, between the rear most bar and front most bar?
A 12/01/2022, 11:36:08 AM 33"
Q Andrew • 11/30/2022, 7:28:00 PM Will this fit on a 2022 bronco as well?
A 12/01/2022, 11:36:08 AM Yes.
Q John • 12/24/2022, 2:21:59 PM Can the center roof panel on a 4 door bronco be removed while the short roof rack is still installed on the rear?
A 01/03/2023, 2:56:24 PM You would need to remove the fairing on the rack (or at least remove the bottom bolts and tilt it upwards.)
Q Cortney • 01/16/2023, 11:05:15 AM Can you easily uninstall this rack for summer time? Also you would still have to install a ski rack to store skis correct?
A 01/20/2023, 5:04:32 PM Yes, it's easy to remove. Yes, you would need a ski rack.
Q James • 01/19/2023, 3:45:03 PM Which hardware is necessary to mount max trax using the max trax mounting pins?
A 01/20/2023, 5:04:32 PM You would need two of these:
Q Andrew • 01/25/2023, 5:58:01 PM Nice roof rack. Curious if you guys know of a snowboard rack that would be compatible? Most snowboard/ski racks seem to attach to round bars only
A 01/30/2023, 4:19:30 PM The Thule SnowPack models work great.
Q Joshua Stalsworth • 02/03/2023, 9:11:18 AM Can you recommend any cargo box or bag that you think would be suitable for the short rack?
A 02/03/2023, 1:42:58 PM A sideways-mounted Pelican (or pelican-style) case would work great.
Q Joe Lewright • 02/05/2023, 9:09:52 PM Will Yakima and Thule bike racks work on bronco back half ?
A 02/14/2023, 4:48:44 PM It's not long enough for bikes.
Q Zeno Capone • 03/09/2023, 1:17:20 AM For the 2 door version, has anyone tried a surfboard (say up to a 10 foot longboard). Wondering if the spacing is wide enough, but seems like 47 inch total should be good.
A 03/13/2023, 4:49:56 PM We would not recommend mounting a 10' longboard on the short rack.
Q Troy • 03/19/2023, 10:04:24 PM One of your answers to a previous question was that the fairing of the short rack must be removed, or tilted upward, in order to remove the front roof panels on the 2 door. Why not cut the side rails slightly shorter so that the fairing can be mounted so that it does not have to be removed or tilted upward in order to remove the front removable roof panels on the 2-door?
A 03/30/2023, 3:37:00 PM Because then the rack would then be so short it's not usable.
Q Gary • 03/21/2023, 5:32:26 PM For the 4 door short rack, can you give me the inside dimensions, ie the length and width of space available for cargo.
A 03/30/2023, 4:18:57 PM The short rack is about 47" x 47"
Q Matt Silva • 03/24/2023, 7:24:54 AM Can this rack handle the weight of the top if using a hoist? In other words, I want to use the SmarterHome Hard Top Lifter and would prefer to connect the hoist to the rack instead of connecting straps to the roof.
A 03/30/2023, 3:55:08 PM We recommend lifting from the top as the hoist was designed, not the rack.
Q Thad Allen Cook • 04/12/2023, 11:36:06 AM I bought a Smittybuilt hoist and attached it to my garage ceiling and found out the apparatus that is supposed to hold the roof is only for jeeps. Will the roof rack hold the weight of the top if i use that to attach to the hoist?
A 04/17/2023, 6:29:27 PM We would not recommend using the rack as a hoist attachment.
Q Sabrina Quezada • 05/02/2023, 11:31:34 PM How much weight can the short rack hold?
A 05/08/2023, 3:26:42 PM Dynamic (road) weight rating is 120lbs evenly distributed*. Static and jarring off-road weight limits are at your discretion.
Q Tom • 05/20/2023, 0:22:10 AM How much height does the rack add to the vehicle?
A 05/22/2023, 4:54:35 PM Roughly 2.5-3 inches total.
Q Highlander • 07/13/2023, 10:26:54 AM Does this rack have an accessory to mount the spare tire on it?
A 07/26/2023, 4:53:03 PM You can use 1 accessory mount along with a tire mount in order to mount a spare to your roof rack.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.80/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
Great short roof rack
(Connecticut) | April 22nd, 2024
I just installed the JCR Off-road short roof rack on my 2024 Bronco Heritage and could not be happier with the end result. Because the Heritage hardtop is white, I decided to paint part of the outer brackets white to blend in. After partially assembling the rack off the vehicle per instructions and video, I found that the outer brackets were not sitting as close to the hardtop surface as I would have liked and realized that the cross bars and fairings pulled the side rails in to create tension and add strength and rigidity. So I disassembled the rack and rebuilt it on the hardtop with just the side rails, inner and outer brackets at first. This helped get the outer brackets close to the hardtop but caused the inner brackets to lift a little due to the pressure from the outer brackets, and the rails also slanted out slightly. But I was not concerned because as I added the cross bars and tightened them up, the rails pulled in and the inner brackets settled down nicely. All in all, a very strong and stable rack that looks great and with zero wind noise. Next step will be to add removable hardware for a hi-lift jack and traction boards as part of compliance with local off-road permitting. Finally, one of the other reasons for buying this excellent rack is that eventually, I will add to it to convert it to a full length rack for a roof top tent. Can’t wait!
Great rack, good look, great materials
(Anchorage, AK) | August 21st, 2023
Easy assembly and installation. Great materials through and through. Looks dynamite on top of my bronco and is extremely functional. Make sure to buy the hardware with your purchase for any accessories that would go on the rack.
Note From JcrOffroad: Thanks for the review, Nate!
Hard to beat this rack
(Northern Wisconsin) | July 4th, 2023
I installed the short roof rack on my Bronco as I really only need a secure mount for 1 or 2 cargo cases when I make some long road trips. The fitment, thoughtfulness in design and quality of this rack is top notch. Do not hesitate in selecting this product - it's really that good. The design incorporates a wind dam and has two rubber channels that keep the rack cross plates (front and back) from touching the MIC top, no noise, not even wind rush. Well done JCR!
Note From JcrOffroad: Thanks, Lee!
Bronco 4 door short rack
(Angels Camp, California) | August 25th, 2022
The install went very smooth, the video was extremely helpful. For my needs the short rack is perfect for gas containers, shovels, etc. plus the option of adding the full rack later is something most manufacturers fail to offer. Another positive is the rack makes my Bronco more unique than other owners who have added the overpriced ford equipment. The only negative is the the polished nuts and bolts were not black coated, fortunately that’s a easy fix.
Good Quality - but aggravating install
(Washington DC) | January 30th, 2023
I ordered the 2 door short rack and was impressed with quality of the machined parts. It feels sturdy and capable of pretty heavy loads once installed. I also appreciate that the roof can be removed for top-down driving while leaving the rack installed. The build was pretty straightforward while consulting the YouTube video, but no written instructions were included with my order. Much worse was that without instructions, there was no parts sheet - which would have been helpful to consult since the YouTube video doesn't zoom in on the specific parts being referenced -- and about half the bolts needed for the install were missing altogether, requiring me to go to the hardware store mid-build to find the needed parts. I'd also recommend replacing the stainless bolts/nuts with black oxidized for aesthetics and to help with possible corrosion/seizure issues noted in the YouTube video.
Note From JcrOffroad: Dallas, we apologize for the missing hardware! Please contact our tech support team if you need any more assistance on this installation.

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