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Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
Purchase Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)
    Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)

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Wrangler Rear Mid Width Bumper - TJ, LJ, YJ Crusader

JcrOffroad's Crusader Rear Mid Width bumper is designed for those looking for improved clearance but still want protection for the body of the Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ or YJ.

    • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" Steel.
    • Includes (2) 3/4" thick shackle tabs.
    • No current tire carriers available.
    • Built-in 2" receiver and safety chain cutouts.¹ ²
    • Accepts aftermarket 3x3 LED Cube Lights.
    • Built in Hi-Lift Jacking points.
    • Easy Bolt-on Installation.
    • Includes mounting hardware.
    • Includes JcrOffroad Sticker.
    • Hand built in the USA!

    ¹ Concessions have been made for extra ground clearance and a sleek appearance and you will need to adjust your equipment accordingly. Depending on your setup this may mean longer drop hitches, wiring extensions, etc...

    ² Designed to support the loads of the factory tow capacity, but carries no SAE certification, nor is it designed to meet any DOT or FMCSA regulation.
    We produce these products in a low volume compared to the OEMs or aftermarket receiver hitch companies. As such, it's not feasible for us to get this product tested against SAE J684 specifications or design it meet specific DOT or FMCSA regulations. So while we try to over-engineer our products with the loads of the factory vehicle capacity in mind; towing a trailer on public highways is at your own risk and we make no claims on the legality or viability of doing soWe cannot offer any recommendations on capacity beyond this. If the ratings of the factory receiver hitch are important to you, we would recommend choosing a bumper that keeps that in place.


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7 Questions asked on Wrangler Rear Bumper | Crusader Mid-Width | Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ (86-06)

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Q Jeff Sloan • 04/12/2020, 6:47:06 PM What is that hitch rated for? I want to be able to tow my boat.
A 04/16/2020, 5:17:11 PM The hitch is not officially rated for towing, but we try and design these bumpers with the factory tow capacity in mind.
Q Darius Kasinskas • 11/12/2020, 5:44:54 PM Installation instruction icon shows the number "10". Does this mean it takes 10 hours to install?
A 11/12/2020, 5:54:27 PM No, that is a 10mm socket ;)
Q Morgan McDaniel • 03/29/2021, 2:58:47 PM Will any brand rear spare tire carrier fit on this bumper? Or will only jcroffroad fit?
A 04/02/2021, 5:30:54 PM If you are talking about a tire swing, only ours will fit. You may be able to find a gate mounted carrier that will work (like stock.)
Q Eric • 09/21/2021, 12:13:54 PM Are you still making the tire carrier for this product?
A 09/23/2021, 12:51:41 PM Not at the moment.
Q John F Kennedy Jr • 11/17/2021, 2:22:38 PM This will fit on a CJ7 frame right? I saw 86 on the description but not CJ. Thanks
A 12/14/2021, 5:35:57 PM It will not fit a CJ without modification. Direct bolt-on for the YJ, TJ, and LJ.
Q Ryan • 08/17/2022, 3:07:19 PM I know the desc says it fits 3x3 cube lights , but what are the actual dimensions of the cutout for the lights?
A 08/23/2022, 2:01:59 PM The cutouts are roughly 3.125" x 3.125"
Q Shane Roberson • 12/10/2022, 12:05:58 PM I notice that it has 2 options for a tire carrier. Are either one of them available yet?
A 12/13/2022, 3:27:42 PM The carriers have been discontinued.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 7 Reviews
Great bumper and tire carrier combination
(Edgewater, MD) | August 10th, 2019
I purchased this bumper and the Shield tire carrier. Huge improvement over the stock arrangement. Customer support was responsive and helpful. Had an issue with fitment that led to several emails, pictures and conversation. Root cause was my stock frame hole just not lining up with the bumper that led to other issues. Once figured out and liberal use of my drill, everything is tight. My wife really enjoys the single operation to open the tail gate with the tire carrier.
Imported Review
| July 5th, 2015
Workmanship on this bumper is amazing. Solid. Beautiful lines, welds and bracing points. Smaller width is nice, tuck-in well. The hi-lift cutouts, and light cutouts are perfect since i don't have a plasma cutter. Super easy install. 8 attachment points. 4 of the attachment points "outer" share nuts with frame tie-ins which you would be silly to go without. All nuts are serrated face, which means you can turn the bolt "and washer" to tighten and not mess up your powdercoat. Although i got the adventure tire carrier, i was stoked to roll this around to show off for a couple days. Metalcloak WAS a consideration for front and rear bumper and rock sliders, but not anymore.
Imported Review
| January 15th, 2016
This bumper looks amazing! It went on easy and the pod LEDs fit perfectly. The workmanship is amazing and the bumper feels as solid as you can get. I hope I never have to test it but if I do I know its going to protect my TJ. I knew going in it could take over 20 days to ship because I ordered powdercoating, but that was the longest 20 days of my life, but the bumper is 100% worth the wait. I recommend JCR products to anyone wanting high quality affordable armour for their Jeep.
Imported Review
| January 22nd, 2016
So I purchased the version of this bumper without the LED cutouts. This was replacement to the old square tube OEM bumper that was dented up in a fender bender. Bonus for me. I got this thing with free shipping wrapped up and secure as anything. The quality of the welds and thickness of the metal is outstanding. I have no concerns about this product holding up at all. Mine was raw metal that I quickly rattle canned with primer and bedliner to prevent any rust from forming up. I then had it Linex coated and proceed to install the bumper. Other than some stubborn bolts this thing went on easily. It looks great and goes perfect with the rest of my Jeep's persona. I did not get the tire swing option, but I plan on adding the spindle kit from here and making something work. Right now my tires are small enough I don't need it, but when I upgrade to the 35" I will. Awesome products! Superb quality. I will definitely be buying more gear from y'all in the futuere.
Imported Review
| January 24th, 2016
Well here is a real review. It a nice bumper seems solid I have not had a chance to really test it. Note to buyers install lights before installing bumper they will not fix after its mounted. Note to makers please print instructions for install inside box I didn't know I had to drill holes before mounting the thing is heavy. But very happy with the look. Thanks
Imported Review
| October 18th, 2018
This bumper is great and solid, however a few issues i ran into during install on TJ. Issues: 2 out 4 the outer holes for the bolts weren't welded straight and unusable, luckily the top on one side and the bottom on the other were fine. I also installed all the tie in brackets and the middle 2 bolts fine, bumper is not going anywhere so those holes didn't make a difference. Cube lights went in beautifully and this bumper is just as good as the front mid-width I bought from JCR. I just wish I could use all 8 mounting points instead of 6. Like I said though this bumper is solid,not going anywhere and there is no sag when I have the carrier on it.
Imported Review
| January 19th, 2016
I can't Say enough about this bumper. I have owned many Jeeps and Put several Bumpers on ad First I have to say this was the easiest of any Bumper installation I have ever done. The bumper is stout, I haven't added Frame tie ins yet since I am going to be adding The adventure Tire carrier and Wanted to be able to remove it easy. But without the frame tie in I can tell you I have pulled 3 2500 Trucks that got stuck in the muddy area??�s around where I live, and this is using a hitch mount D ring so I am pulling from the center of the bumper which in any bumper is its weakest point the bumper has never even seemed to flex or give. All of that strength in the bumper, and just too add on what I consider a very important part, the bumper has a step down Like the bumper for the JK??�s which can allow you to sit the tire lower However you decide to mount it. I give the bumper 5 star rating and would recommend this bumper over any other bumper I have seen on the market today.

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