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Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
Purchase Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)
    Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)

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Cherokee Front Bumper - XJ Crusader

JcrOffroad's Crusader Front bumper is designed to provide maximum clearance with a streamlined design.

• CNC cut and formed from 3/16" steel.

• Includes (2) 3/4" thick shackle tabs.

• Accepts aftermarket 3x3 LED cube lights. 

• Built in Hi-Lift jacking points.

• Easy Bolt-on installation (96 and earlier models require fender trimming.)

• Optional bolt-on tubework for extra protection.

• Includes mounting hardware.

• Includes JcrOffroad sticker.

• Hand built in the USA!


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31 Questions asked on Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper | Crusader | Jeep XJ (84-01)

Ask us anything

Q Dennis L Joyce • 05/27/2020, 7:18:02 AM Doe the crusader front bumper come with steering box spacer
A 05/27/2020, 3:38:53 PM No, that is an add on. The Vanguard front does come with it however.
Q Eric Garza • 06/09/2020, 11:48:07 PM On this crusader bumper, do you have to trim any of the braces or metal on the Jeep xj 2001 or is this a true bolt on unit? I see some need trimming with the Uni body mounts and just want to make sure this one doesn’t need them, just want to bolt on and go. Thanks.
A 06/10/2020, 4:19:49 PM There is no trimming on the 01 unless you are running the front UNF brackets.
Q Benjamin Olier • 10/26/2020, 6:40:24 PM What is meant by tube work for the front bumper. If I get it without tube work is it still a bolt on application?
A 11/03/2020, 3:33:15 PM Correct. The tube work is the pre-runner bar shown in the photos. The bumper installs the same with or without.
Q Derek • 11/17/2020, 7:32:40 PM can i get the crusader front bumper without the hitch?
A 11/23/2020, 10:29:08 AM It it only available with a hitch at this time.
Q Ray • 11/23/2020, 4:26:38 PM Is it possible to buy the pre-runner bar for this bumper at a later date?
A 11/25/2020, 2:53:47 PM Yes, but you would have to call us to order.
Q Ramiro • 11/25/2020, 9:15:36 PM If I order this front crusader bumper for my xj without tube will holes still be there? Is so can it be ordered with no holes on the top?
A 11/30/2020, 4:18:13 PM Yes the holes will be there, no sorry, we only offer it one way.
Q Michael E Chapman • 12/03/2020, 3:56:20 PM How would you attach a hitch How would you attach a hitch, I don't see a hole for the pin?
A 12/04/2020, 12:00:43 PM The pin is in the back of the bumper.
Q Levi • 01/02/2021, 1:43:50 PM Is the hitch receiver on the bumper able to be used to attach for example a hitch mount winch.
A 01/07/2021, 1:01:36 PM Yes, it will.
Q Andrew • 02/09/2021, 2:19:36 PM Can you attach a license plate on it?
A 02/15/2021, 1:32:05 PM We recommend using an receiver hitch license plate mount.
Q Nick • 02/27/2021, 8:17:37 PM Will this bumper work with the factory skid plate on an 01?
A 03/01/2021, 2:42:00 PM Yes.
Q Richard Martin • 02/28/2021, 2:16:47 PM Does the Crusader front bumper require the steering box spacer and uni-frame tie in bracket to install? If so, is it included in this purchase? Thanks
A 03/01/2021, 2:42:00 PM It is not required or included, but the kit (XJUNF-PC) is compatible.
Q Adam • 03/08/2021, 2:28:33 PM Is the powdercoat a smooth or textured finish?
A 03/16/2021, 3:15:09 PM It has a very light texture.
Q Steve • 03/28/2021, 5:36:24 PM Is the prerunner tubework the only option available or will the stinger and bull bar tubework also work with it?
A 04/02/2021, 5:30:54 PM Just the pre-runner right now.
Q 2001XJ_greenmachine • 10/20/2021, 1:35:41 AM Hi, I wanted to confirm that the powdercoat color is black, is this correct?
A 10/28/2021, 11:13:00 AM Yes, black.
Q Logan McDaniel • 11/18/2021, 9:14:48 AM Is the hitch a 2in receiver?
A 12/07/2021, 6:54:57 PM Yes
Q Caden Kempen • 11/25/2021, 9:37:38 PM What are the lights in the picture that are integrated into bumper? Are they the Rigid Midnight Edition Duallys? Also any other ones that work in bumper let me know? Thanks
A 12/07/2021, 5:03:28 PM Not sure of the exact light in the photo, any 3"x3" LED cube light will work.
Q Jake • 11/30/2021, 0:49:32 AM Are the holes on opposite sides of the hitch for a tow bar base plate? If not will a tow bar base plate that sits below a stock bumper also sit below this bumper?
A 12/14/2021, 5:35:57 PM We recommend connecting a tow bar to the d-rings. Some tow bar manufacturers have this option available. We always recommend tying your safety chains somewhere directly on the frame for an extra margin of safety though.
Q Max • 01/29/2022, 3:45:07 AM I know that in 2020, the Crusader bumper wasn't available without the hitch; BUT is it available now in 2022? Or is it possible to use the Vanguard winch bumper but have the winch completely covered/hidden? Thanks!
A 02/01/2022, 4:17:24 PM The Crusader is only available with the hitch. The Vanguard sticks out more than the Crusader, so you really wouldn't want to run it without mounting a winch.
Q Andrew • 03/03/2022, 6:46:02 PM Does this bumper and tube work make the front of the jeep sag if you are going to install on 1996 stock springs (is it heavy)?
A 03/04/2022, 1:39:16 PM It's not that heavy no.
Q russ • 04/15/2022, 1:06:48 PM I'm wanting a bumper like this, but I also want to flat tow my XJ '93 model behind a truck. Are the 3/4" thick shackle tabs intended to be strong enough for that application (with their use with a tow bar), or should I be budgeting the adding a blue ox or similar flat tow kit too? I'd be adding the uni-frame tie in brackets in this install, btw. Thanks!
A 04/26/2022, 5:45:47 PM With the front uniframe tie-ins, yes we've had customers use this bumper to flat tow. We always recommend that your safety chains go directly to the uniframe though.
Q forrest • 07/02/2022, 11:32:08 AM How much does the crusader front bumper weigh? With tubework and without? Does this cause the front of the jeep to sag? (on factory suspension/springs)
A 07/06/2022, 8:42:51 AM It weighs about 48lbs and won't have much of an effect on the suspension.
Q bob • 10/10/2022, 8:42:00 PM Are the shackle tabs rounded on the inside for direct use of soft shackles?
A 10/11/2022, 4:57:12 PM They are not.
Q Nicholas Pappas • 11/29/2022, 6:57:36 PM What size shackles best fit the bumper? Thank you!
A 12/01/2022, 11:36:08 AM 3/4"
Q Tom Jackson • 02/16/2023, 7:04:19 PM What are the actual dimensions of the light holes? Could flush mount lights be used if I drilled/tapped holes for mounting screws?
A 02/23/2023, 1:50:18 PM They are not large enough to mount most flush mount lights.
Q Grant Bryan • 03/20/2023, 9:42:40 PM Would this CJ Crusader bumper fit on my MJ Comanche? I know a Comanche is essentially a Cherokee truck but I just need to verify before I order. If not, what bumper is on the Comanche in your “Comanche roof rack” advertisement?
A 03/30/2023, 3:37:00 PM Yes, it will fit on an MJ. You will have to trim your fenders as shown on page 5 of the install document, though.
Q Austin • 04/05/2023, 10:36:27 PM Do you have to have the spacer and tie in for installation of the bumper? Not looking for winch use just looks
A 04/17/2023, 6:29:27 PM You don't have to use the tie-ins if you don't plan on any heavy recoveries. The spacer and tie-ins do help stiffen the front of the vehicle and steering up however.
Q edward lavrentyev • 05/09/2023, 9:11:51 AM will i be able to attach the universal winch mount on this model
A 05/22/2023, 4:27:29 PM A receiver mounted winch cradle can be used with this bumper, however we'd recommend adding our Uniframe Tie-in Kit if it will be used in recovery scenarios.
Q Norman • 06/26/2023, 8:29:35 PM Will this fit Jeep Cherokee 1985?
A 06/27/2023, 4:48:56 PM Yes, this bumper is designed for models ranging from 1984-2001.
Q Devon • 06/30/2023, 11:53:47 AM If I had a winch that was mounted to a hitch mount would this bumper be strong enough to support winching off it?
A 08/04/2023, 10:28:33 AM We'd recommend adding our uniframe tie-in kit if you plan on using this bumper for recoveries.
Q Bradley Zoshak • 04/09/2024, 2:27:07 PM Is it possible to order this not powder coated?
A 04/15/2024, 3:01:16 PM This bumper is only offered in a powder coated finish at the moment.
Q Landon Mincey • 06/12/2024, 6:38:35 PM would i be able to order the crusader bumper with a stinger bar?
A 06/20/2024, 5:17:54 PM We currently only offer the one style of tubework, we do not have a stinger option available.
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.55/5 Stars out of 11 Reviews
Nice bumper
(CO) | June 2nd, 2020
I had been wanting this bumper for awhile now. I think the design of it fits the XJ very well. On the bumper I received the welds on the bumper itself looked very well done, but the welds around the tube work didn't look that great. I do think they are structurally sound though. The texture in the monstaliner I used to paint it helped hide them. If I wanted a smooth finish I probably would of had to pay someone to clean them up. I didn't have any issues with the bolt holes lining up. Overall I'm happy with it. I just expected the the finish to be a little better.

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