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JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
Purchase JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
    JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)

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    Weight: 45.0 (lbs)

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This roof rack system allows for customizable gear mounting (ie. Rotopax, tread boards, Hi-Lift..), freeing up valuable bed space for other trip essentials. Comes coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powdercoat over durable zinc primer finish.
  • CNC cut and formed from 3/16" aluminum (steel mounting brackets) with extruded aluminum rails
  • Easy bolt together installation
  • No drilling required, clamps to hardtop rain gutters
  • Fits hard top vehicles only
  • Available with or without 40" light bar cutout
  • Light bar cutout version includes light bar mounting brackets
  • Cutout fairing designed for 41.25" max lens housing width single row LED light bar. Up to 43.5" (mounting stud width) bar will fit with our mounts, but trimming of the fairing will be required
  • Half Rack allows for Freedom Panel removal and also works with the Bestop Sunrider
  • Milled T-nut access points
  • Powdercoated
  • Hardware Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping!
  • Short rack - Around 26" long by 53" wide of usable rack space.
  • Full rack - Around 58" long by 53" wide of usable rack space.
Dynamic (road) weight rating is 100lbs. Static and jarring off-road weight limits are at your discretion.

Please note: vehicle will handle and wheel very differently with high loads on the roof. We recommend securing kayaks, canoes, and items that may generate resistance or lift at speed properly to the front and rear of the vehicle, not just the rack.


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35 Questions asked on JT Roof Rack | Jeep Gladiator (2020+)

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Q Lance • 03/18/2020, 7:19:43 PM Hello. I am curious about purchasing this short rack for the Jeep JT. I am in Goderich Ontario Canada though and I dont want to get slammed with horrid shipping and boarder fees. Can you send me an all inclusive quote on the item. In black no lights. Thank you
A 04/06/2020, 11:50:26 AM Please contact us at
Q Ricky Ng • 04/14/2020, 6:36:13 PM Would the Bestop Sunrider top be compatible with the short version of this roof rack? It looks like I should be able to open the top in the sunrider position with this rack, but just wanted to confirm.
A 04/16/2020, 5:17:11 PM Yes it will, works great!
Q David Bergsten • 05/10/2020, 5:41:08 PM Hello. I have garage height restrictions. When installed, Roughly how many inches will this add to my clearance?
A 05/11/2020, 3:54:04 PM About 2.25" above the highest portion of the hard top.
Q Matt Brucker • 05/14/2020, 6:51:05 PM Does the "Roof Rack Black Hardware Kit" (SKU: 046-0061) replace all the chrome-looking screws on the sides of the full size JT rack? It is categorized under the XJ parts, so I want to make sure there are enough bolts and washers etc. for the JT rack.
A 05/15/2020, 2:12:13 PM Yes it does.
Q Luca Ciccolini • 05/15/2020, 10:43:43 PM What are the dimensions of the half/short rack?
A 05/19/2020, 2:30:30 PM 26" long by 53" wide are the rough usable dimensions.
Q Craig • 05/19/2020, 1:43:00 PM What is the exact height of the rack once installed? We have an AT Habitat installed on a '20 Gladiator and wondering if we can get away with the full length instead of the short one in front of the Habitat overhang. Thanks!
A 05/19/2020, 2:18:41 PM About 2.25" above the highest portion of the hard top.
Q Andrew • 06/29/2020, 6:27:27 PM Is there anyway to get the short roof rack with the light cut out
A 07/07/2020, 2:23:55 PM No, the light would be pretty useless that far back.
Q Brian Downing • 07/02/2020, 12:58:18 PM Would the half rack be capable of mounting lights at the front bar? A first responder light needs 360° visibility in Michigan, hoping the front bar would work for signal and spot lights while still allowing removal of front freedom panels.
A 07/07/2020, 2:10:54 PM They would have to be mounted on top of the rack to be visible from the front on the half rack.
Q Mitchell White • 08/10/2020, 9:20:31 AM With the short rack would it hold a kayak strapped down safely and be able to haul it on the highway securely?
A 08/12/2020, 3:39:22 PM Probably not. We would recommend using other parts of the roof to support/anchor as well.
Q james • 09/07/2020, 1:53:51 AM What are the dimensions of the full size rack?
A 09/09/2020, 1:19:05 PM Around 58.5" long by 54" wide of usable space.
Q Darrell Sulak • 09/13/2020, 10:34:35 AM Would the Full Rack fit on top of the Bed Rack? I want to place it backwards and use the light bar for the rail behind me. How close would it be to the cab of the truck and how much of an overhang on the bed rack?
A 09/14/2020, 3:14:11 PM We recommend our VRK-BSK-PC in this application.
Q Kellie Padilla • 10/16/2020, 2:30:41 PM Will the short rack fit on the Wrangler JL? Looking to cover only the back half of my Jeep.
A 10/16/2020, 2:56:58 PM We do offer a 3/4 length rack for the JL.
Q Nick Spencer • 10/16/2020, 2:45:25 PM Will the half rack allow a ski rack to be attached?
A 10/16/2020, 2:56:58 PM Depends on how the specific ski rack attaches. Please contact us for help on this:
Q Alan Phillips • 10/26/2020, 11:57:22 PM What is the weight restrictions on the JT half rack? How strong are the gutters on the hard top too?
A 11/03/2020, 3:48:44 PM Dynamic (road) weight rating is 100lbs.
Q Jason Sneddon • 11/01/2020, 5:52:43 PM Can the short rack be installed on the forward position of the JT's roof? My RT Tent overhangs the rear portion of my cab's roof.
A 11/03/2020, 3:33:15 PM We have not tested this at all. We would be leery of putting most of the weight on the freedom tops.
Q Robert Bermudez • 11/17/2020, 1:19:58 AM WhAt are the measurements for full length JT roof rack? Also, Will There be an issue with on/off of rack as I like to remove the top often
A 11/23/2020, 10:29:08 AM Dimensions have been added to the description. The full rack will need to be removed before you can pull the top, the short rack can stay attached however.
Q Michael Lincoln • 12/15/2020, 1:09:16 PM Would a rooftop tent fit on there?
A 12/15/2020, 1:21:48 PM It may fit, but we don't really trust the rain rails to handle that kind of load.
Q Rodrigo Ortiz III • 01/14/2021, 9:23:26 PM Does the setup come with weather stripping for the back part? I saw an install video and the person and vid made great points on why weather stripping on back should of been included.
A 01/15/2021, 4:50:14 PM It comes with enough to add a few pieces on the back fairing where it contacts the top, yes.
Q Jason • 04/15/2021, 12:00:37 PM Will the full rack for the JT accommodate a kayak rack?
A 04/21/2021, 3:38:02 PM It can fit most universal j-mounts, but please note we recommend a max 100lbs on these racks. If your kayak setup is under that, we also recommend securing the kayaks to the Jeep itself, not just the rack or top.
Q Eddie Ybarra • 04/19/2021, 11:36:03 AM How much does the full rack weigh?
A 04/21/2021, 3:38:02 PM 45.0 lbs
Q Kevin Tran • 07/06/2021, 3:35:14 PM With the weight limit at $100.00. Do you think if I mounted two roam adventure 85 cases at the top. Will rain rails will hold up? There will be a bit of a possible drag. Also, I have the KC Pro 6 light bar at the top of the windshield with the mounts on the side of the window down the a-pillar area, will the rack be able to mount right behind the Light bar?
A 07/08/2021, 2:19:03 PM The cases themselves should be fine, but that doesn't leave a lot of capacity for gear since they weigh 25lbs a piece. Not sure on mounting it to your light bar.
Q Bill • 07/20/2021, 2:31:21 PM Is there any rubber padding under the roof rack feet that sit in the rain gutter and on the outside clamps that clamp the outside of the roof rail to protect the paint.
A 07/23/2021, 10:31:57 AM No, but you could easily add some. Rubber door edge trim works great.
Q Elisabeth • 10/05/2021, 9:53:11 PM Does it work on a soft top?
A 10/18/2021, 4:21:33 PM It does not.
Q Alex Mccash • 10/06/2021, 10:56:18 PM Can you lift the hard top off using the rack?
A 10/28/2021, 11:13:00 AM We have not tried this.
Q Domenico • 11/24/2021, 12:53:36 PM the roof rack would fit a jeep with a soft top where it would hold onto and if it would hold weight
A 12/07/2021, 5:30:04 PM It will not work with a soft top.
Q Christopher • 04/11/2022, 10:36:57 AM Is there a difference in dynamic weight between the half rack and full rack?
A 04/26/2022, 5:45:47 PM Not really, no.
Q Trevor H • 05/30/2022, 1:12:28 PM Full rack weighs 45 lbs - how much does the half rack weigh? Also, I believe the gladiator hard top dynamic weight capacity is 150 lbs and your rack dynamic weight is 100 lbs, does this mean your product is including the weight of the rack with the hard top dynamic weight capacity? Am I supposed to include the weight of your product into the dynamic load weight? Hope that made sense. Trying to calculate actual weight I can support on the hard top
A 06/09/2022, 2:54:02 PM The capacity of either rack is 100lbs dynamic. The weights of the racks have already been factored in, so you can add 100lbs on top of either rack if evenly loaded.
Q Bob • 07/28/2022, 1:46:56 PM Does this rack work with the Mojave JT?
A 08/08/2022, 11:39:47 AM Yes
Q carlos • 09/23/2022, 1:01:15 AM do you guys make a mount for the kc gravity light bar, or can I mount a kc gravity light bar instead of the front fairing of the full rack
A 09/28/2022, 3:39:40 PM We don't make mounts for that no. In theory, you could remove the front fairing and just run the lightbar, but we haven't tested clearance or wind noise with that setup.
Q Parker • 05/06/2023, 0:01:18 AM Do the awning brackets work with the short rack? Do they fit over the mounting brackets of this?
A 05/08/2023, 3:26:42 PM They do not.
Q Douglas Winters • 05/17/2023, 11:12:16 AM Will Rhino Rack Accessories fit your JT Roof Rack bars?
A 05/22/2023, 4:38:32 PM Our crossbars are only compatible with hardware designed to fit 80/20 10-series. If you are looking for specific hardware, please reach out to our Customer Support team.
Q Ryan • 06/24/2023, 8:23:09 PM Can you mount an awning to the JT short rack? And will it work with the body color panels?
A 06/27/2023, 5:01:52 PM No, you would not have enough room to mount the awning on the short rack.
Q david • 10/24/2023, 11:21:22 PM what is spacing between the cross bars from center of each bar. want to mount a roam box using their new mounts
A 12/18/2023, 4:26:24 PM 11" on center, all crossbars have a couple of inches of adjustments as well.
Q James • 01/07/2024, 3:10:57 PM Any thoughts on designing an endo-skeleton to the Gladiator or Wrangler for that matter to mount to and take the weight of the JCR rack vs relying on flimsy rain gutters? I realize the current setup is for ease of install and not make any holes but a thought none the less.
A 01/24/2024, 10:57:59 AM We do not plan on redesigning the rack in that sense, we have not had any issues mounting to the gutters of the hardtop.
Q Robert • 04/22/2024, 2:51:17 PM Are there any accessory mounting hardware included with the rack or is everything a separate purchase? What are the recommended installation options for traction boards on the short rack?
A 05/17/2024, 11:37:35 AM All accessory mounting hardware and brackets are sold separately. Traction boards would use two of our roof rack accessory mounts and one recovery board bolt pack.
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.22/5 Stars out of 9 Reviews
Roof Rack
(Colorado) | November 3rd, 2021
Beware that the short roof rack doesn't fit in the front ! I tried to contact JCR and get specific brackets to move the rack over the freedom panels, no success. Well built rack but for now it remains in my driveway !
Note From JcrOffroad: We don't trust the freedom panels to hold the complete weight of a rack (without any rear top support) so that is why we don't make this option available. Sorry if there was any confusion!

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